“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Talks About Possible WWE WrestleMania 30 Match, CM Punk & More

In an interview with Busted Open Radio, Steve Austin commented on possibly working at Wrestlemania 30:

“When you’re gonna try to commit to do a WrestleMania 30, you’re looking really at, at least a two to three month commitment, if not four,” Austin said. “So you know you’re talking about, taking everything else of the table. I can still do my podcast but take everything else off the table and focus specifically on that task. To do it the way I would do it, to do it the way ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin would do it, at a 120 percent. Because to go out there and to try to perform at 85-90 percent because you didn’t prep enough. That would be bogus, that would be BS that would be letting the crowd down. And that would be representing the ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin that I know and love to a degree that is not acceptable. So once you throw a legitimate, real deal offer down on the table and say let’s talk, then we’ll talk. But until then, conjecture.”

Austin added that he’s “not lobbying for a match,” and if WWE wants to do business for WM30, it would be a “major process.”

“If the stars lined up, then it would happen, but it’s going to take a lot for those stars to line up,” Austin said. “No sense in beating a dead horse. To think about it is one thing, to actually go out, come to terms and go through the business prep and actually accomplish a match, it’s a whole different ballgame and a major process.”

Austin also commented on CM Punk when the hosts brought up Punk’s name.

“I like his product in the ring,” Austin said about Punk. “I like to see him turn it up more in the mainstream. I like to see a little more physicality, laying in stuff a little more. I like to see him be a little bit more aggressive. That’s just off the top of my head. Other than that, I like everything about the cat.”

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