Story Behind Brock Lesnar Fan Encounter At Orlando Airport, WWE Live Event Canceled

– We posted the video below of a fan trying to meet Brock Lesnar and his wife Sable at an airport in Orlando last week. The husband of the girl in the video, who filmed it, explained what happened:

“Saori went up to Brock and ask if he was Brock Lesnar… Brock first didn’t hear her until Sable said to Brock” I think she is talking to you”, then Brock turn around and looked at Saori and asked “How are you?”, Saori said fine and she ask him”Are you Brock Lesnar?” He said “Yes” and then she ask “Can i take a picture with you?” And he said “No, not today”, Saori then said thank you and walked away … .. I told Saori it was ok … No worries .. -It was still cool to see him and see my wife talk to Brock.”

– The WWE live event scheduled for Friday, August 15th in Reno, Nevada been canceled.

  • Necro

    I guess he wasn’t a complete dick in this instance then?

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    I like how some idiots jumped to conclusions and called Lesnar out for what they believed was a douchey act.

    But once they find out he was never an ass to begin with they feel stupid.

    • Necro

      Not really, he looks like an asshole from the beginning, it wasn’t until the context that changed the view. It was a correct assumption.

      • Monkey D. Luffy

        In what way was it a correct assumption?

        • Necro

          You couldn’t hear the words that were said and it wasn’t until a SEPARATE tweet or statement that the situation was clarified. It was a correct assumption until another story came to be.

          • Monkey D. Luffy

            It’s only an assumption, which goes back to my point how people jump to conclusions based on their speculation and not knowing the full story. Sure he looks like an asshole, but that doesn’t justify their accusations.

  • Marcus G.

    Brock Lesnar is quite possibly the most intimidating man inside or outside of a any wrestling ring. With his well known perception of wanting to be left alone, I think it’s cool that she even went up to the guy. Regardless it’s great to know that it wasn’t what the video implied and that he acknowledged her. I know she probably really wanted the photo but it’s still a very memorable moment that she even got on video.

  • ksedude

    I see nothing wrong with that exchange. He politely declined…. He doesn’t owe anyone pictures.

  • El Man

    I bet her daddy wanted to call him an Idiot but instead he said “it’s ok, it’s ok”…
    Super intimidating!!!
    Sable still rocks!!!

  • Harps Starkz

    If Brock had taken the pic other people would have bothered him. And also he is not a people person. I just don’t get why the husband sent his wife to ask. What a pussy.