Storyline Latest On WWE’s New Stable With Kofi Kingston, Y2J Talks DDP Yoga Helping Him (Video)

– Eden spoke with Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E backstage at last night’s RAW for a video on the WWE App. She asked them about keeping an eye on other tag teams in WWE and asked what they’re all about.

Big E said they are a collective of… but was interrupted by Xavier. Xavier said, “Those who don’t know are not in a position to say and those who are, wouldn’t say.”

Kofi followed up with, “In other words Eden, you will know what this is when we want you to know what this is.”

– In the video below, Chris Jericho talks about how Diamond Dallas Page’s DDP Yoga helped him return to the ring:

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Damn, anyone else see any resemblance between Woods and Malcolm X?

    Maybe it’s just the glasses + the black

  • Sean

    Did WWE actually turn one of the (seemingly) unturnable faces (Kofi)?

    • Monkey D. Luffy

      I think it’s a little too early to call him a heel, we don’t know their full intentions, from what it seems, they are pissed with the heirachy, so it could go either way.

      It’d be a little shocking to see Kofi in the dark-er side since he’s been a face for so long.

      • Sean

        Yeah, over the past few years I’ve always viewed WWE as having two guys that were almost unturnable: Kofi and Cena.

        They’ve been squeaky clean for so long that I figured Kofi was just going to be this generation’s version of Steamboat (to an extent)