Storyline News On Triple H & Stephanie, New Heel Turn Discussed, Goldust, PPV Reactions

– The storyline reason for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon not being on the Battleground pay-per-view is that they were called away to an emergency meeting before the show started.

– WWE creative has been discussing a R-Truth heel turn.

– Goldust is now back on the WWE roster after the Rhodes family’s big win last night. It was never made clear that Goldust would get a job if they won. As noted, he is working under a short-term deal with WWE and is expected to be around through WrestleMania XXX.

– WWE’s website has posted interviews with CM Punk, R-Truth, the Rhodes family and others with their post-Battleground reactions.

  • Monty605

    Dustin Runnels has always said on Twitter that he had a “Legends contract”

  • Richard Martinez

    I don’t know why R-Truth didn’t remain a heel annyway. He’s more effective as a heel.