Storyline Update On John Cena’s Injury Angle From Raw, What Kind Of Injury He’s Saying It Is

After the injury angle on Monday’s RAW and selling the injury at Thursday’s NXT Arrival event, John Cena wrestled Randy Orton in the steel cage main event at Friday night’s WWE live event in North Charleston, South Carolina. Orton ended up getting the win by escaping the cage.

Cena had his left knee taped up and sold the injury for most of the match. After the match was over, Cena cut a promo and apologized for a weak performance. He added that the injury he suffered on RAW was actually a severe groin injury. Cena closed by saying he’s definitely in a lot of pain and should be resting.

  • James Humwood

    Groin injury yet they had him hold his knee and ice it down xD nice job trying to sell an injury wwe