Storyline Update On Triple H’s Status, WWE Looks At Things Brock Lesnar Hasn’t Conquered

– WWE’s website has a new storyline article up to further Triple H’s retirement angle. Road Dogg BG James had the following to say:

“Our whole wrestling careers I’ve known Triple H. His arm was literally broken in the same place that it was months ago. I don’t know if you come back from an injury like that at his age. ‘The Perfect Storm’ may have just done it. I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him yet.”

– also has an article up looking at 5 things Brock Lesnar hasn’t conquered in WWE. Some of the items listed include a rematch against The Rock, a win over John Cena and ending The Undertaker’s Streak.

  • elmano

    Brock is loser, he doesn’t wrestle with Triple H at summerslam, he wrestled his arm.
    What a shame to bring a guy like Brock to WWE, hes nothing, nothing at all and doesn’t have any wrestling skill.

  • chris

    brock beat cena in 2003 at backlash so how can they say he needs a win over cena?