A Straight Edge Wrestling Fan’s Look At The Jack Swagger Situation

Hey everyone, Geddy Cahoon here with the Cahoon Run Down.

It just hit the wrestling news sites that the current hottest thing in WWE, Jack Swagger, was arrested for DUI and Marijuana possession.

Jack Swagger has been my favorite wrestler for about 4 years.

Here are my two cents on the Swagger situation:

As a wrestling fan who is Straight Edge for many, MANY personal reasons, I try not to be judgmental of wrestlers (And people in general, for that matter) who drink or use relatively harmless drugs. Especially when I love a wrestler as much as I love Jack Swagger.

However, this new incident has made me mad. Wait, mad’s not the right word. It’s made me really fucking pissed off.

Tolerant as I try to be of those whose views on drugs and such differ from mine, I can’t fucking stand people who “party.” People whose idea of a good time is getting shitfaced and then acting like idiots. It is highly, HIGHLY obvious that Jack Swagger is one of those people. But hey, that doesn’t effect his wrestling persona, right?

See I can live with it when a star like R-Truth who I love smokes – He does it because it’s the best way that he can manage the really intense physical pain that he feels on a daily basis. It’s still not right, but it’s for condoneable reasons.

Jack Swagger clearly just likes getting shitfaced. And then driving. For the last few days, you guys know that all I’ve been doing is praising Jack Swagger. His act with Zeb Colter is the hottest thing in WWE right now. People are talking World Title for Swags come WrestleMania.

Then this comes out. It feels like I’ve been slapped in the face. I feel like I care a hell of a lot more about Swagger’s position in the company than he does. I feel like a wrestler that cared about the fans wouldn’t be so brazen as to get behind the wheel of a car while inebriated, WITH AN ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE IN HIS CAR, especially a wrestler who has almost literally been making the headlines of major mainstream news sources in recent days.

On top of apparently being some sort of insatiable douchebag jock party animal, Jack Swagger is a fucking idiot.

And there’s a whole other piece to this Jack Swagger and his antics. He has a really young son. A toddler. I know he probably doesn’t see him every single day, but doesn’t he think about him? Wouldn’t you think about your little boy every time you were about to do something fucking stupid like, I don’t know, getting behind the wheel of a car while under the influence with weed in your car?

As much as I love his character, Jack Swagger has shown himself to be a highly irresponsible jerkoff in real life. I know one has to separate the performer from the performance, but that’s hard to do when you enjoy a wrestler so much and their decisions conflict SO strongly with your beliefs.

Maybe this is somewhat reactionary, and maybe I’ll get over it. But whether you are straight edge or not, you have to agree that the blatant irresponsibility shown here by Swagger is insulting.

It’s not a matter of lifestyle or anything; it’s a matter of self-control, apparently something Jack Swagger lacks in spades.

I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about this in a few days, but right now I’m fuming and I say let’s give Dolph Ziggler his World Heavyweight Title already.

I know I don’t write often anymore, but I needed to get this out. Until next time, whenever that may be, thanks for reading. Make sure to post your comments, thoughts and opinions below!

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  • http://twitter.com/TheLerm The Lerm

    You’re being judgmental. Grow up. Don’t let the things he does, on his own personal time, ruin your opinion of him. He has his problems and if anything as a fan, you should be supporting him. I’m very offended by this, hateful, smear job of a write up. Coming from another straight edge buddy…take a look at yourself and really think about what you just had published.