Stro’s View: Remembering The Ultimate Warrior

Hello #TeamStro and everyone worldwide. Very sad week in the Professional Wrestling world. Can’t sleep…in shock….disbelief…never easy losing family…in this crazy wrestling business, we may not always get along…we may not always agree and see eye to eye…but in the end we are family.

In this life, we take so much for granted. We should make the most of every moment. Sure we are critical. But we always should realize what we say and how it affects others. Never forget to tell your family and friends you love them and appreciate them.

There were harsh words said about him. There were jokes said about him. There was even a worldwide spread DVD making a mockery of him. But here is the bottom line. The Ultimate Warrior brought joy to a lot of lives and inspired many to love Wrestling and to become Wrestlers.

Regardless of opinion, in mine, him and Hulk Hogan had one of the greatest Wrestlemania main event matches of all time. He wasn’t a master technician in the ring. But he had off the chart charisma, power, and put many butts in the seats. Larger than life superhero to many.

Seeing him on stage being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame hugging and kissing his daughters was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed.

My heartfelt thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to his family and friends.

Thank you Ultimate Warrior for inspiring me and so many others in the world. Love and respect always my brother. Now you are an Ultimate Warrior in Heaven. Always Believe.


  • Billy Spinks

    Very well said Stro.