Summer Rae Joining Season Two Of E!’s Total Divas, Jo Jo Offerman Being Replaced? (Video)

A commercial for the next season of WWE Total Divas aired during Sunday’s Grammy Awards pre-show and reveals that Summer Rae will be featured. The commercial featured she and Natalya getting into a fight.

There was talk late last year of bringing new Divas onto the show and word going around is that Summer is replacing Jo Jo Offerman. Below is a fan clip of the commercial that aired:

  • James

    I don’t think any true wrestling fan could give a crap about total divas I know I don’t because none of the divas on the show can actually wrestle call me when Paige or aj is on it then we’ll talk

    • Mr Slippyfist

      AJ? I just can’t see her doing the show. Didn’t she actually reject a spot?

      • Tyler

        Yes. She said she told them that while she had nothing against the idea of the show, it just wasn’t for her.

    • WWE RaZaR


  • Mr Slippyfist

    I watch it with my girlfriend. Its better than other shows she likes…Judge Judy, Criminal minds…blah. Happy that Summer is on it now. I’d like to see Emma or Paige though.

    • hahahaha

      “Girlfriend” lol right

      • Mr Slippyfist

        Are you confused as to what a, “girlfriend” is young, loserly virgin? It’s a female that spends time and does things with you.

        Here are some tips on getting one for you.

        Sorry….wait…these tips will also work for dudes. So if you like men. ( Most likely you do.) These tips will also help with them.

        1. Don’t be a little douchebag, be a nice guy. (This may be hard for you, judging on your comment.)

        2. Get a job. ( Since this was written in the middle of the night, I’m guessing you don’t have one..probably never will)

        3. Have your own place. ( No matter how “Awesome” your parents basement is. It will never turn a girl on, when your mom comes down to ask if you need anything)

        4. Stop going on wrestling sites, just to question the validity of others relationships….seriously kid. Get a life.

  • tk94

    Oh yes summer gonna be on wooo those legs of hers are just wow