Sunny Attending HOF & WM28, Ryder Needs Our Help, WWE ’13

– Zack Ryder is telling his disgruntled fans to contact WWE and ask them to re-enable comments on his Z! True Long Island Stories videos:

“Broskis…if you want your voice to be heard and be able to leave comments again on Z! TLIS…tweet @WWEonYouTube #letuscomment”

– WWE Hall of Famer Sunny announced this week that she will be in attendance for the WWE Hall of Fame and WrestleMania 28 this year.

– With production of THQ’s upcoming WWE ’13 video game under way, we can confirm that two former WWE talents are doing motion capture work for the game. Former WWE diva Angela “Savannah” Fong wrote on Twitter this week that she and former WWE Superstar David Hart Smith are working on motion capture work for the game.