Sunny Says Sable Hasn’t Aged Well, WWE Magazine Talks To Hall Of Famers, NXT Tonight

– When a fan replied to Sunny on Twitter and said that Sable is the sexiest Diva to date, Sunny replied with the following:

She continued:

Photos Of Brock Lesnar and His Wife – Former WWE Diva Sable

– WWE Magazine interviewed Hall of Famers Edge and Shawn Michaels yesterday for future issues.

– Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks and Leo Kruger will be meeting fans before the WWE NXT live event in Jacksonville, Florida at the Jacksonville Armory tonight.

  • Glitched

    is she serious?? Sunny clearly hasn’t looked in a mirror recently, and she’s actually like 6 years younger than Sable.

    • Glitched

      and i’m pretty sure disowning someone’s daughter isn’t 10 times as bad as what Sunny has done

  • cj

    Sunny is still stuck on Sable ? Sunny is so immature. Everytime she’s on or any site is because she’s a diva or she’s busted for lying. I know sbe was a big deal in the 90’s but I don’t know why she’s in the HOF. Sable is still hot to be 40+, has she seen her own mug shots, 90’s are long gone sweetheart. People like her and Konnan truly aggravate me, the only way to cling on to that last thread of fame is by bashing people who probably even forgot you were still living .

  • Numero47

    Sunny’s got nothing on Sable!
    The fact that got into the Hall of Fame before Sable is beyond me

  • Leeyah

    Both are huge slores, so what’s the problem