Sunny Talks About Why She Doesn’t Watch Raw, Total Divas Being Scripted, Women’s Wrestling

The Miami Herald has published their latest part of a lengthy women’s wrestling feature with comments from WWE Hall of Famer Sunny. Here are some highlights:

Women’s wrestling today:
“I have nothing against women in the ring because now it has become so commonplace. It’s not my first choice of things to do. Let’s say if I were to ever go back, I wouldn’t want to get in the ring. I’m not a wrestler. Never any good at it. Never said I was any good at it. Give me a microphone, and that’s where my talents are. I think I’m always going to be stuck in that groove to leave it to the guys. There is a place for girls in wrestling, but for me, it’s not in a wrestling ring.”

Total Divas:
“I’m very happy for those girls. A lot of the stuff, after watching the first episode, it has to be scripted. I don’t see everyone as catty as that when I’m there. Everybody pretty much gets along every time I’m in that locker room. You have to have that for television, though. I’m happy for them. Nattie [Neidhart] is one of the main people on the show, and I’ve known her since she was a kid. So I’m really proud of her.”

Not watching RAW:
“I don’t even watch the show anymore, to be honest. If they call me to do an appearance, usually I will watch a month or so ahead of time. Think about it. If you are a dentist for 23 years, don’t you get sick of looking at teeth? Same as me. Where I’ve been in this business for 23 years and am tired of watching it.”

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  • Glitched

    her skills are on the mic? You mean that high pitch whiny squeal = good mic skills?

    Also “Everybody pretty much gets along every time I’m in that locker room.” Terri, Sable, Torrie Wilson and Kimberly Page would disagree with that.

  • cj

    Sunny just bothers me. She always speak as if she’s just high and mighty, or she’s lying about something. I still don’t know why she’s a hall of famer, yes she was the hottest thing walking at that time, won’t take that away from her, but that’s it. She claims to be the original Diva but WWE recognizes Miss Elizabeth with that title and Sable was the first to refer to herself as a Diva. And which mic does her talents shine ? Did she mean a penis or …….