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Konnan Talks On CMLL’s Decision To Replace Sin Cara

AAA matchmaker Konnan joined Mister Saint Laurent on this week’s episode of MLW Radio, available right now at He spoke about CMLL’s decision to introduce a new Mistico to replace WWE’s Sin Cara. “Everyone knows who he is,” said Konnen. “It’s a guy called Dragon Lee. He’s a young high flyer who is actually very good and does some really wild [stuff], but isn’t as polished as Mistico and he’s not very well liked even though he’s a face in CMLL. One of the reasons is because Mexico CityRead More
- Tonight’s live Impact Wrestling broadcast will kick off with Austin Aries’ decision on whether to relinquish the X Division Championship for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship against Bobby Roode at Destination X. He will give his answer to Impact Wrestling General Manager Hulk Hogan. – Devon defends the TNA Television Championship against Robbie E on this week’s episode of TNA Xplosion on Challenge. – Sarita, who competes as Dark Angel for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre in Mexico, appeared at a press conference Wednesday promoting an upcomingRead More
– During an interview with Power Slam, Magnus was asked if he is dating Mickie James; he replied “yes.” He was then asked if dating a fellow wrestler is challenging. “I always said I would never do it because of the obvious difficulties which can arise. But it’s worked out pretty well.” Magnus said. “You can’t help the way you feel: it’s one of those things. We’ve been able coexist up until this point.” Magnus and James currently reside in Virginia. — Velvet Sky turns 31 years old Saturday. SheRead More
TNA Wrestling performer Sarah Stock (a/k/a Sarita) announced this evening on her Facebook account that she is suffering from facial paralysis and therefore missed her scheduled appearances in Mexico. She wrote, “Debido a una paralysis facial que sufri recientemente, no era posible luchar ayer en Pachuca ni hoy en en la Arena Mexico. Estoy enfocada en mi recuperacion y los pido a todos una disculpa. “Due to a facial paralysis that I recently suffered, I was unable to wrestle yesterday in Pachuca nor today in Arena Mexico. I’m focusing onRead More

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The Lucha Report For December 22

NEWS Black Terry took Gallego’s hair in a bloodbath at last night’s IWRG student show at Arena Naucalpan. Shocker had right knee surgery on Monday after suffering the injury the previous day at Arena Coliseo and Dr. Mario Garcia Orozco who is the official EMLL doctor said that he would be out of action for at least 3-4 months. RESULTS EMLL 12/21 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara 1. Angelo beat Templario 2. Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno defeated Neutron & Palacio Negro 3. Los Angeles Celestiales (Angel Azteca Jr./Angel deRead More

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The Lucha Report For December 20

NEWS IWRG held their annual awards banquet on Saturday night and here were the winners. Best Newcomer – Alan Extreme Revelacion Tecnica – Eterno Revelacion Ruda – Comando Negro Espectacular – Freelance Exotico of the Year – Diva Salvaje Gringo of the Year – Veneno Pareja of the Year – Hijo del Cien Caras & Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr. with L.A. Par-K receiving the award for his half-brother Trios of the Year – Los Cerebros Terribles (Black Terry/Cerebro Negro/Dr. Cerebro) Special Recognition – Black Terry & Bombero Infernal RESULTSRead More

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The Lucha Report For December 18

RESULTS EMLL 12/13 – Arena Puebla 1. Akron & Sauron beat Black Tiger & Blue Center 2. Astro Boy/Horus/Tigre Blanco defeated Centauro de Fuego (subbing for El Bronco)/Demus 3:16/Inquisidor 3. Los Cancerberos del Infierno (Euforia/Raziel/Virus) beat Angel Azteca Jr./Fuego/Sensei 4. Rush/Stuka Jr./Toscano defeated Ephesto/Misterioso II/Vangelis 5. Revancha Match: La Mascara/Shocker/”Strongman” Jon Anderson beat Los Guerreros del Atlantida (Atlantis/Dragon Rojo/Ultimo Guerrero) with Mascara/Shocker going over Dragon/UG clean setting up a CMLL Tag Titles match next week. EMLL 12/17 – Arena Mexico 1. Disturbio & Semental beat Metalico & Molotov 2. AngelRead More

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The Lucha Report For December 15

RESULTS EMLL 12/14 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara 1. Hijo del Javier Cruz beat Acertijo 2. Black Metal & Neutron defeated Angel del Mal & Evola 3. La Comandante & Princesa Blanca beat Goya Kong & Silueta 4. Angel de Oro/Diamante/Rush defeated Shigeo Okumura/Polvora/Nobuo Yoshihashi 5. Revancha Match: La Triada del Terror (Averno/Ephesto/Mephisto) beat Mistico/Sagrado/”Strongman” Jon Anderson when Mephisto ripped off Mistico’s mask and pinned him. EMLL 12/14 – Arena Mexico 1. Los Rayos Tapatios I y II beat Cholo & Zayco 2. Guerrero Maya Jr./Leono/Starman defeated Apocalipsis/Demus 3:16/Escorpion 3.Read More

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The Lucha Report For December 13

NEWS EMLL decided to ditch the poll they were running online to determine the 3rd man in the Metro/Stuka Jr. team that held the Mexican National Trios Titles and they have decided to vacate the titles to hold a tournament starting on 12/19 at Arena Coliseo. Pierroth appeared at a tribute show in Neza on Saturday where he had to be helped to the ring and he cut a promo for the fans which was sad because before his health issues, Pierroth was one of the best promo guys inRead More

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The Lucha Report For November 15

RESULTS DTU 11/13 – Arena Lopez Mateos 1. Ciclope beat Electroboy 2. Chica Tormenta/Ludark Shaitan/Sexy Lady defeated Ashley/Lolita/Megan 3. Bestia 666 & Dinamic Black beat Tacubo & Zumbi 4. Drastick Boy & Flamita defeated Eterno & Hormiga 5. Paranoico & Octagoncito beat Sick Boy Mini Chessman 6. Dance Boy & Violento Jack defeated Erick Snake & Extreme Dragon 7. Aero Boy/Crazy Boy/Joe Lider beat Damian 666/Kaientai/Lord Byron EMLL 11/14 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara 1. Black Metal & Virgo beat Drago & Malefico 2. Goya Kong (subbing for Dalis laRead More

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The Lucha Report For November 13

Credit to AAA, Alexis Salazar, EMLL, Diego Mejia Eguiluz, Luchas 2000 RESULTS EMLL 11/12 – Arena Mexico 1. Escorpion & Mortiz beat Molotov & Starman 2. Astral/Electrico/Maximito defeated Pequeno Warrior/Pierrothito/Universito Dos Mil and after the match, Warrior ripped off Electrico’s mask as they are heading to a mask match. 3. Dalis la Caribena/Dark Angel/Marcela beat Estrellita/Tiffany/Zeuxis 4. Lightning Match: Stuka Jr. defeated Raziel and they got a standing ovation after the match. 5. La Peste Negra (Felino/Negro Casas/Rey Bucanero) beat Mr. Aguila/Hector Garza/Taichi Ishikari by DQ when Charly Manson, Olimpico,Read More

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The Lucha Report For November 11

RESULTS EMLL 11/8 – Arena Puebla 1. Asturiano/Black Tiger/Milenium beat Akron/Ares/Espiritu Maligno 2. Cancerbero/Shigeo Okumura/Nobuo Yoshihashi defeated Centella de Oro (subbing for Pegasso)/Fabian el Gitano/Rey Cometa 3. Misterioso II/Polvora/Sangre Azteca beat Metro/Stuka Jr./Valiente and the rudos still want a shot at the Mexican National Trios Titles when Mascara Dorada comes back from Japan. 4. Hijo del Fantasma/Shocker/Toscano defeated Felino/Taichi Ishikari/Volador Jr. by DQ when Ishikari fouled Toscano. 5. Mistico beat Rey Bucanero in what was called a really good match. UPCOMING SHOWS ASTENCIA ASESORIA y ADMINISTRACION 11/15 – Six FlagsRead More

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The Lucha Report For November 10

NEWS EMLL announced today that Mephisto suffered a contusion in the right parietal lobe of his brain during his match on Sunday at Arena Coliseo and has been prescribed medicine and rest for at least a week. Mephisto would then return to his doctor to get a timetable on his return. EMLL also announced that Damian el Terrible suffered an ankle injury working for New Japan and he would be out of action for at least 3 weeks as he is currently in a walking boot and Pegasso will alsoRead More

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The Lucha Report For November 8

NEWS Sexy Star is spreading rumors around that she plans on going to EMLL soon but no one from there has touched those rumors and it seems like she is just grandstanding trying to improve her position with AAA which has noticably gone down since her WWE tryout a couple of months ago. The cover of the latest issue of Luchas 2000 features Psicosis II unmasking Psicosis III who recently departed from AAA revealing the returning Toxico in a move that was a total FU to AAA. Great stuff. RESULTSRead More

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The Lucha Report For November 6

NEWS AAA Executive Vice President Dorian Roldan promised on Thursday that there will be a huge surprise on tomorrow’s show in Tlanepantla and he would be teaming with Damian 666 & Halloween against La Hermandad (Joe Lider y Nicho el Millionario) & Ozz. Dorian said that La Sociedad exemplifies the true vision of AAA and that they would be adding yet another top level wrestler to their forces to take on the fake AAA led by Joaquin Roldan. Perros del Mal announced yesterday that Perro Aguayo Jr. has some sortRead More

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The Lucha Report For October 30

NEWS AAA announced yesterday that they would be having the Lucha Libre Premier tournament again this year starting on November 3rd at Six Flags over Mexico and would be going throughout the month to air on FOX Sports Espanol. RESULTS EMLL 10/29 – Arena Mexico 1. Metalico & Sensei beat Apolo Estrada Jr. & Zayco 2. Escandalo/Loco Max/Nitro defeated Angel Azteca Jr./Pegasso/Rey Cometa after Pegasso was stretchered out during the match. 3. Los Cancerberos del Infierno (Euforia/Polvora/Virus) beat Angel de Oro/Delta/Diamante and Oro injured his foot here. 4. CMLL FemenilRead More

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The Lucha Report For October 27

NEWS The fledgling Lucha Libre USA held a press conference yesterday to announce that they would be returning on 12/12 at their new home in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico and would be running 12 shows there through next June. There was no word on whether they would be returning to MTV2 or not. Perros del Mal cancelled their show that was supposed to be held last night at Auditorio Benito Juarez in Cuatitlan early yesterday and the reason they are giving is that RaulRead More

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The Lucha Report For October 21

NEWS AAA Executive Vice President Dorian Roldan has started an informal poll on his Twitter page asking AAA fans on whether they would like to see all their big shows on PPV and the results have been mostly positive. RESULTS AAA 10/20 – Arena Actopan (TV taping) 1. Alissa Flash & Sexy Star beat Fabi y Mari Apache 2. Billy Boy/Tito Santana/Tigre Cota defeated Argenis/Crazy Boy/Gato Eveready 3. Handcuff Match: La Hermandad 187 (Joe Lider y Nicho el Millionario) beat Silver Kain & Ultimo Gladiador – The rules here wereRead More

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The Lucha Report For October 18

NEWS Luchas 2000 is reporting that Black Abyss who has recently left AAA will be joining the invaders in EMLL. This should be interesting considering how the gimmick will be handled if this happens. Abyss left AAA a couple of weeks ago and there was talk that he was going to be on the IWL show on Saturday in Tlanepantla but that didn’t happen. RESULTS EMLL 10/17 – Arena Mexico 1. Horus & Metalico beat Los Hombres del Camoflaje (Artillero y Super Comando) 2. Angel Azteca Jr./Pegasso/Rey Cometa defeated Cancerbero/DemusRead More