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Posted On November 25, 2012By David DavisIn Columns

Death of Wrestling: Cardiac Arrest

Greetings to all… It’s David Davis with my weekly blog: Death of Wrestling. For all of those who read this regularly, you will know that this is not a blog about bashing wrestling; it’s a blog of a frustrated fan, who loves the business and wishes that each week it could be a little better. In recent weeks the wrestling world has been abuzz with their thoughts on one major incident: CM Punk and Paul Heyman’s mocking of Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler’s heart attack… The majority of comments have beenRead More
WWE Champion CM Punk was interviewed by Machinima Sports and discussed WWE ’13, facing Steve Austin, The Rock and more. Here are a few highlights. Who from the Attitude Era helped develop his character: “Nobody, I’ve been CM Punk since I was 15 years old… I was nicknamed Punk when I was a little kid, ’cause I was a little punk into the Ramones, listening to the Clash, listening to punk rock music. I was the first guy to punch someone in the face and not ask questions. So that’sRead More
Kevin Nash has published a lengthy article on the life and controversial wrestling career of Kevin Nash, who has begun to gain traction in Hollywood. A notable point in the article has the six-time world champion reiterating his stance on “Vanilla Midgets,” a dismissive term he used as booker in the late ’90s in World Championship Wrestling to describe small-statured, gifted technical wrestlers who didn’t project larger than life personalities but were beloved by fans, such as Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko. “Big Sexy” feels the professional wrestling industryRead More published a rare interview with company head Vince McMahon that WWE Magazine conducted in 2007 in celebration of 15h anniversary of Raw. The WWE Chairman discusses the longevity of Raw, competing with WCW, future of the sports entertainment industry and who he feels is the most important Superstar in the evolution of the program—it’s a Rattlesnake. Who came up with the name Raw: “I did. The name ‘Raw’ came out of my head. I was trying to come up with a word that would embody everything we wanted theRead More

Posted On July 12, 2012By Owen PattersonIn News

WWE Attitude Era DVD Confirmed, NXT At FSU Tonight, Bigelow

- WWE has added the late Bam Bam Bigelow to their Alumni roster. – WWE returns to Full Sail University tonight for another set of NXT tapings. Confirmed for tonight’s show is Kane vs. Cody Rhodes, likely the dark main event, plus Jim Ross, the WWE Divas in action and more. Remember to join us later on for full spoilers from the show. – WWE will release “The Attitude Era” on DVD and Blu-ray this Holiday season, either late November or early December, according to WWE DVD News. A DVDRead More

Posted On June 19, 2012By StaffIn News

Mike Tyson’s Return To The Ring Officially Announced; WWE ’13

- THQ issued the following earlier today: The ‘Baddest Man On The Planet’ Returns Mike Tyson Returns To The Ring The campaign premise of “Live the Revolution” continues, as THQ today announced the return of the incomparable Mike Tyson to the ring – virtually – in WWE® ’13, the revolutionary next installment in the WWE flagship videogame franchise. Often touted as the “baddest man on the planet,” the boxing legend and former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world will be available as an exclusive playable character for consumers who pre-orderRead More
– Last week we posted the names of wrestlers who will be featured in the upcoming WWE ’13 video game, but it should be clarified that the final roster will not be released until August. This year’s game will focus on the Attitude Era stars vs. Modern “PG” Era stars. In recent years, characters like The Rock and Steve Austin appeared as bonus legends. This year, they will featured more prominently. — There has been talk of John Laurinaitis joining Vince McMahon’s Kiss My Ass Club. With Vince returning onRead More

Posted On June 6, 2012By StaffIn News

Pre-Order Details On WWE ’13 Released, Brodus Clay To FCW

- FCW’s website is advertising Brodus Clay, Naomi and Cameron for their show on June 29th from the Melbourne Auditorium in Melbourne, Florida. The website is also advertising WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth and Kofi Kingston for their July 13 show from the Charlotte Harbor Event Center in Punta Gorda, Florida. – WWE ’13 is already available for pre-order on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii on WWE ’13’s schedule release date is October 30, 2012. For more details and to pre-order click here. – We have theRead More
- The local talent Ryback squashed on Monday’s RAW were two local talents, Kirby Mack and Stoney Hooker. Mackhas has worked for both Ring of Honor and TNA. Both Mack and Hooker are also regulars at the North Carolina-based HVW promotion, which Matt Hardy and Reby Sky have wrestled for. – THQ has posted a new WWE ’13 Q&A update explaining how characters in the upcoming video game can collapse the ring: Q: Are ring breaks in-game or just cut-scenes? A: Ring breaks are in-game occurrences, NOT just cut-scenes! They’reRead More

Posted On May 30, 2012By StaffIn News

THQ Officially Announces WWE ’13, More Details Revealed

THQ sent out the following press release in regards to WWE ’13: Last summer, one man revolutionized the current WWE landscape. In a legendary moment at the end of Monday Night Raw, WWE Superstar CM Punk — as the voice of the voiceless — changed everything the world knew about WWE. Through his words and actions, a new leader emerged to set a higher standard, convey a new brand of attitude and ultimately ignite a revolution among the WWE Universe. It’s not the first time WWE has seen such rebellion.Read More

Posted On May 29, 2012By StaffIn News, Videos

Video: Official WWE ’13 Video Game Trailer

With WWE ’13 you can relive the fan-favorite, ground-breaking Attitude Era like never before with WWE LIVE, featuring completely revamped, realistic audio and jaw-dropping Spectacular Moments like ring breaks and barricade crashes. Play as legendary Superstars including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Undertaker and Mankind, or present-day icons like cover Superstar CM Punk, Sheamus and Chris Jericho. The revolution has begun.Read More

Posted On May 29, 2012By StaffIn News

WWE ’13 Video Game Box Art Cover Revealed On WWE RAW

The official box art cover for WWE’s upcoming video game “WWE ’13” was revealed on this week’s edition of WWE RAW. The WWE ’13 video game cover features WWE Champion CM Punk. The cover also features the “WWE Attitude” logo, meaning there will be some type of “Attitude Era” mode featured in the video game. WWE 13 is scheduled for release on October 30, 2012 for the PlayStation 3, Wii and the Xbox 360. This will be the sequel to WWE ’12, WWE’s second game in the series and theRead More
Vince Russo had an interview with Inside The Ropes in which he discussed his long career in wrestling, including his runs for WWF, WCW and TNA. Here are highlights: On how he got his start in WWF: “I was doing a wrestling radio show in Long Island, New York which I was Funding with my own money. I started running out of money. I wrote a letter to Linda McMahon, knowing if I wrote to Vince he probably wouldn’t answer it. I wrote a letter to Linda McMahon introducing myself,Read More
The Miami Herald recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. Here are highlights from part two of the interview, you can check out highlights from part one at this link. Being difficult to work with during first WWE stint: “If I’m putting on my psychiatrist’s hat and you dig all the way down to the root of it has nothing to do with wrestling or anything else. It just has to do with a young man’s insecurities with himself. Having said that, that can manifest itself in any formRead More

Posted On May 14, 2012By StaffIn News, Videos

Video: Edge Says He Is Relieved To Not Be Wrestling Anymore

In an interview with Edge conducted by Sam Roberts on his Sirius/XM radio show, Edge says that he is relieved to not be wrestling anymore. “Yes, I am,” he said when asked. “It’s a relief, it is, because I knew how I was feeling. I knew how I felt waking up in the morning. It made it easier. It was a bit of a relief.” You can watch the interview below: On whether or not he noticed the transition between the Attitude Era and the current generation: “Yeah, without aRead More
Former WWE Superstar Billy Gunn appeared on Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca, which airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Sirius 92 and XM 207. Highlights from his interview are as follows: WrestleReunion: “Yeah, it’s gonna be a lot of fun! I mean, there’s gonna be so much stuff going on in Miami because of not only WrestleReunion, Wrestlemania, everything else; it’s gonna be crazy. But it’s gonna be a lot of fun—I mean—once me and Brian (Road Dog Jesse James] get together,Read More

Posted On March 1, 2012By StaffIn News

THQ Low Balling Attitude Era Stars For WWE ’13, WWE ’12 DLC

- THQ will not be releasing any more Downloadable Content for the WWE ’12 video game. – THQ is looking to feature more legends from the Attitude Era in the upcoming WWE ’13 video game. According to the, former WWE wrestler Sean “X-Pac” Waltman is upset because THQ is reportedly offered him a very small amount of money to appear in the game. Several stars from the Attitude Era have been contacted to appear in the game and the superstars who are not currently under a WWE talent contractRead More

Posted On February 11, 2012By StaffIn News

Foley Talks About His WWE Future, Attitude Era vs. PG Era & More

Hardcore wrestling legend Mick Foley recently spoke with the UK’s Daily Star to promote his upcoming comedy tour. Here are some highlights of what Foley said about: Competing At The Royal Rumble: “I had to sit back afterwards and think about all the things that had transpired in the five or six minutes I was out there. I realised just how much fun it was at that point. I had some great reactions from the other wrestlers and my children.” His Status with WWE: “I’m on a need to knowRead More

Posted On January 30, 2012By StaffIn News

Report: Mike Tyson To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame

TMZ has reported that Mike Tyson will join Edge, The Four Horsemen, and Mil Mascaras in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2012. Tyson was involved with several memorable moments during the Attitude Era, including a confrontation with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and serving as a special enforcer in the main event of WrestleMania XIV. Tyson responded to the announcement by saying: “I am honored to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I was the youngest heavyweight champion of all time, but the most fun I everRead More