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Posted On November 16, 2011By StaffIn News

Mick Foley Comments On “This Is Your Life”, Raw News, HOF

- Stan sent word that this week’s 3-hour RAW had only 35 minutes and 12 seconds of in-ring action. This is actually down from the previous week’s two-hour show. – Tickets for the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony are expected to go on sale mid-January. – On Monday’s RAW, Mick Foley paid homage to a classic moment from the Attitude Era and hosted a “This Is Your Life” segment for John Cena. A fan wrote to Foley on Twitter suggesting that WWE intentionally made the “This Is Your Life”Read More

Posted On November 11, 2011By Daniel PenaIn News

Devon Comments On Potential Return To WWE, Online Critics

Devon appeared on Hit the Ropes with Shane Howard, Daris Brown and Demetrus Stokes. Highlights from the interview are as follows: On his contract with TNA and possible return to WWE: “The contract is still valid up until August; this coming August of next year. The fans on Twitter, Facebook, and in general, in the streets and at the house shows, a lot of the fans wanting Bubba and myself to return to the WWE because of the history we have there and what we’ve done and accomplish. I guessRead More

Posted On May 17, 2011By Jared GebhardtIn Columns

The Wrestling Genius: The Great Wrestling Debate

In the history of man there have been great debates, Lincoln vs. Douglas, Kennedy vs. Nixon, God vs. Satan (that was a debate right, I don’t know I never read the bible), well all of those debates will pale in comparison to Aaron vs. Jared. We are two long time wrestling fans that have had this debate for nearly six years and finally this will be the last word on the subject, who was more influential, better in the ring, and should be considered the greatest of the Attitude Era,Read More

Posted On March 23, 2011By Jared GebhardtIn Columns

The Wrestling Genius: WWE, SNL, and Why I Love Them

If you have read anything I’ve ever done you can clearly see I’m a huge wrestling fan. That is a given, there are few things I like as much as I do wrestling, football (specifically the Vikings), gambling, and cooking. Yes, I cook and I love it lets not look too much into and just move on. I am also a huge Saturday Night Live fan. Which is why the slew of emails I’ve gotten about the youth movement in the WWE and people apparent hate for them has meRead More

Posted On October 19, 2010By Kelly FloydIn Columns

Thoughts On The New Stand Up For WWE Campaign

When Monday morning kicked off, dirtsheets were buzzing with information on a new campaign being pursued by the WWE. The brains of the company put together Stand Up For WWE, a motion that calls for change in the perspective of professional wrestling. This put the microphone in the hands of the fans, urging them to defend the past time they’ve coveted for years. When damage control failed from the inside, the WWE threw their hands up in the air and decided to let the fans demonstrate their devotion and petitionRead More