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Jim Ross is back with a new blog over on Here are highlights from this entry: – Yes…I will definitely be in Waterloo, Iowa on July 22-23 for the annual function at the Wrestling Hall of Fame. Receiving the Lou Thesz Award is a helluva honor for me personally. Lou was truly our Babe Ruth and I never saw him not wearing at least a sport coat and slacks when he wasn’t in the ring. A class act. If you haven’t read ‘Hooker’ written by Lou I suggest thatRead More

Posted On January 27, 2011By StaffIn News

Details On Movie Projects For Gorgeous George & Bruno Sammartino

- We’ve reported before about WWE’s has plans plans to make a feature film on the life of WWE Hall of Famer Gorgeous George. There’s now talk of making a DVD set on the flamboyant superstar’s career in an effort ot make him more relevant to today’s generation of fans. Vince McMahon is said to be a huge fan of the Gorgeous George story and wants to push him as the originator of “sports entertainment” and wrestling’s “Babe Ruth” character. Gorgeous George was a tremendous star in his day, achievingRead More