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Posted On December 27, 2012By Siddharth GroverIn Columns

Does Chris Benoit Deserve To Be in the WWE Hall of Fame?

World Wrestling Entertainment is a global enterprise. An enterprise always looks to keep the image of the company clean, and thus protect the brand from any harmful events that take place. Recently, for Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign, all offending WWE YouTube videos have been removed, and the product has taken a considerably low dip, yet she lost. But that’s not the topic at hand today. WWE has the power to make a man famous, and build their reputation, but it can also bring down a man’s reputation and make theRead More
Through all the big wrestling news items recently such as the 3 hour raw launch, John Cena’s divorce and even Triple-H’s haircut, the one which generated the most discussion from all corners of the wrestling business was a Twitter comment from master wrestling politician Kevin Nash. Big Sexy is Well known for being an extremely controversial figure within the wrestling business and has ruffled feathers on more than one occasion with his remarks about others but maybe never before as much as his recent comments on smaller-statured workers and specifically,Read More