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ThunderStruck: Raw Analysis 05/14/12

Raw opens with a backstage segment between Triple H and John Laurinaitis. JL tries to tell Hunter he didn’t know Lesnar would attack him the way he did. Triple H says he will address the world with what he wants to say; he wishes JL luck in his match on Sunday. ^Anybody else wonder why JL wasn’t fired by Trips after his business with Undertaker was dealt with? How about the fact that JL has acted ridiculous and abused power? Are the board of directors in charge of JL insteadRead More

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More On The Big Show & John Laurinaitis Storyline; Triple H

After Big Show was caught by picking on John Laurinaitis at last week’s RAW Supershow by Eve Torres, the angle with Show and Laurinaitis continued over to SmackDown where Laurinaitis has demanded an apology this coming Monday. In a new storyline article on, they are now speculating that Big Show may be fired on RAW. WWE are also teasing that Triple H may have a role in the Laurinaitis vs. Big Show storyline. You can check out the complete article at this link.Read More

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Raw Rating Breakdown: Overrun Loses Viewers, Paul Heyman, More

As noted before, the May 7th WWE RAW Supershow from Greensboro, North Carolina scored a 3.01 cable rating with 4.30 million viewers. The first quarter-rating was a 3.50 but things fell apart from there. In the segment breakdown, Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes lost 378,000 viewers and Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler lost 465,000 more viewers. Kelly Kelly and Layla vs. Maxine and Natalya lost another 207,000 viewers. Sheamus and Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio at the top of the hour gained 191,000 viewers, which isRead More

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JR & The King Reuniting, Rock & Lesnar Tees, Smackdown Line-up

- Long-time WWE commentary partners Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler will be doing a public appearance together in Houston next month. The Hall of Famers will be reuniting at the CBS Radio Fan Fest at the University of Houston Alumni Center from 1:00-3:00 p.m. on Sunday June 10. – You can save 20% off The Rock, John Cena, and Brock Lesnar t-shirts at for today only by clicking here. – The following matches have been taped for this weeks edition of Smackdown: * WWE World Champion Sheamus & RandyRead More

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Orton vs. Lesnar Discussed, Big Show-Rhodes Feud, Matt Hardy

- While Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar was discussed for the SummerSlam pay-per-view at one point, WWE officials quickly moved on and started working on the Lesnar vs. Triple H program. – The feud between Big Show and Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes is expected to end at the No Way Out pay-per-view. – Matt Hardy will be touring California this weekend. Here’s his latest video hyping this weekend’s events on the West coast: (Partial source: More
- The feud between Big Show and John Laurinaitis that began on Monday’s RAW Supershow has continued on Twitter this week. Laurinaitis wrote yesterday, “Remember how I said I’d “consider” accepting @WWETheBigShow’s apology for making fun of me? I’m not quite sure he’s sorry enough.” – John Cena wrote the following on Twitter last night about his Dream Machines appearance on SyFy. The episode will replay this Friday night after SmackDown, “I truly want to thank #ParkerBrothers for redefining my love for automobiles. Words cant describe that #DreamMachine.” – WWE’sRead More

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ThunderStruck: Raw Analysis 05/07/12

John Laurinaitis opens the show and talks about his match with John Cena at Over the Limit. He says the board of directors will not reprimand him because they understand that he needs to be tough sometimes in his position. JL puts himself over for being the Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin of Japan when he was wrestling there. CM Punk interrupts him. Punk makes fun of Laurinaitis and says he went to Japan because he was a joke. JL books Punk in a match with Lord Tensai tonight. ^JLRead More
Beth Phoenix tells the WWE Universe how she plans to make history, Maxine talks about her first appearance on Raw, and Cody Rhodes has words for Big Show.Read More

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WWE Raw Results – May 7, 2012

- Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow opens up with a look back at last week where John Laurinaitis attacked John Cena and made the match for Over the Limit. – We’re live from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina as Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by Jerry Lawler. We go right to the ring and Justin Roberts introduces John Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis says Cena embarrassed him last week by calling him names. Laurinaitis says he lost his temper and when that happens, he goes into a fit of destruction thatRead More

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Backstage News On Rey Mysterio, Jim Neidhart Legal Update, Raw

- We noted several months back that Jim Neidhart was arrested. Neidhart had a hearing on April 12th and will be released to the Salvation Army in the Tampa area for a substance abuse in-house rehab program. As soon as a bed is available, Neidhart will be released from jail and into the program. – Chris Jericho was supposed to defeat Big Show by count out in the Beat the Clock Challenge match on RAW last night but the referee messed his count up. While Jericho was going to winRead More

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Tea Time with Liam: Extreme Rules Predictions

Well, its that time again when WWE goes “extreme” for one night as we’ve arrived at the annual Extreme rules PPV, or as I like to call it, WrestleMania take two. It seems year on year that most matches at extreme rules are basically just WrestleMania rematches. Not really a good idea when you should be focusing on building new stars. Anyway, the basis of this column is just like any other prediction column. I’ll run down the card, sharing my opinions and who I think will win. I evenRead More

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*Spoiler* On Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes At WWE Extreme Rules

The official WWE Extreme Rules T-shirt being sold at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois reveals the match stipulation for Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes. The T-shirt says the match will be a “Cody’s choice/tables match”. Stay tuned as we will be providing live free coverage of the PPV, as well as the latest breaking news and spoilers leading to the PPV.Read More
Pads And Panels recently interviewed WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes, who was promoting tonight’s Extreme Rules PPV. Below are some highlights: Wrestling someone the size of Big Show: “I’ve had to adapt my style completely, which has been a challenge. I knew entering that getting in the ring with someone like the Big Show is going to be different from getting in the ring with somebody like Randy Orton or Kofi Kingston. It has been, honestly, of all the things I’ve done in my career, this match with the Big ShowRead More

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Jim Ross Gives His Predictions For WWE Extreme Rules

Jim Ross has posted a blog giving his WWE Extreme Rules predictions on his official website, Below is the complete prediction blog in its entirety: Happy Extreme Rules Sunday! Here’s my predictions for tonight’s PPV… Cena vs Lesnar- Will Lesnar’s ring rust be a factor? It’s been approximately 8 years since Brock has had a bout in a WWE ring. That could be an issue. Cena seems to feel cornered. Competitive people in this situation are dangerous. Is Cena intimidated by the legend and sheer physical skills of theRead More

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ThunderStruck: Smackdown! Analysis 04/27/12

Daniel Bryan cuts a promo to open the show. He talks about how happy he is to get rid of AJ. He talks about the loss at Mania not counting against him. Bryan finishes the promo asking his questions, and the crowd actually chants no very loudly when he asks if he will defeat Sheamus on Sunday. Alberto Del Rio comes out and mocks Bryan by having Ricardo chant “si”(yes, in Spanish) to all of his questions. Big Show interrupts Del Rio’s promo. He scares Bryan and Del Rio outRead More

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Thunder And Lightning: Extreme Rules 2012 Predictions

Joe Thunder and Mike Lightning proudly present to you their official thoughts and predictions for the 2012 Extreme Rules ppv event! If you’ve followed us on facebook, you’ll know that we’ve been predicting match outcomes for shows since September, and we decided for 2012 that we would compare results and have an actual competition. That said, here we go! Miz vs Santino Marella for the United States Championship JT: The Miz has a bright future ahead, despite this rut that he continues to go through. He’s one of the mostRead More

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Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes At Extreme Rules To Get Stipulation

The WWE website has announced that the Big Show vs Cody Rhodes Intercontinental Title Match at the Extreme Rules PPV this Sunday will have a stipulation. The stipulation will be determined by a spin of the wheel during the PPV pre-show airing on YouTube. The pre-show is also scheduled to feature US Champion Santino vs. The Miz for the United States Title.Read More

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*Spoilers* WWE Smackdown Taping Results For 4/27

WWE taped this week’s WWE Smackdown from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Thanks to PWTorch for live results. Below are full taping results: Dark Match * Dean Ambrose beat Josh Shields Smackdown Taping Results For 4/27 * Daniel Bryan opened the show cutting a promo. He talked about getting rid of A.J. and his guest referee job on Raw. Alberto Del Rio interrupted and said he would be the next World champion after Extreme Rules. Big Show interrupted and cleared both men from the ring. He thenRead More
WWE Smackdown Live Event Experience April 18 2012. Sheffield, England. The first WWE show I ever attended was called ‘Mayhem in Manchester’ in 1998. I was 14 at the time. This was just after WrestleMania 14. I got to see Stone Cold Steve Austin defend the WWE Championship (against Triple H, who had replaced the injured Shawn Michaels). I got to see a WrestleMania rematch between The Undertaker and Kane. This match didn’t last too long. I always wondered why The Undertaker didn’t get a proper entrance – the storyRead More