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Brian Jossie, who portrayed A.W. for WWE before his contract was terminated last month, renewed his Twitter diatribes toward his former employer Sunday night after Brodus Clay’s dancer Cameron was reportedly suspended for 15 days for her Aug. 24 arrest for driving under the influence, subsequent attempt to bribe the arresting officer and then not informing organization officials of her offense. He once again accuses WWE of applying a double standard between him and other talents who made ill-advised moves. Jossie re-tweeted messages stating, “So a dancer in the WWERead More
Released WWE talent AW (Brian Jossie) says people are asking him to bash WWE but he respects the ones who still work there. Here are some of his latest tweets: “People are asking me to bash the WWE. I’m not going to do that but I will point out my discrepancies. There are too many men and women that put their lives on the line for this job. I respect all my fellow former employees. They deserve so much better. Maybe one day.” “I don’t have a bad thing toRead More

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Jericho Responds To WWE Report, Otunga Knocks TNA Champion

- We noted yesterday that WWE’s website had an article speculating that Chris Jericho would be leaving after Sunday’s Over the Limit pay-per-view. Jericho responded to the author on Twitter, “Hey Alex Giannini, heres an idea-shut your effen mouth and stop spreading BS rumours.” – Chris Jericho was interviewed by Metal Hammer in the UK. A fan asked which other wrestlers were big metal fans: “Well, CM Punk is more of a punk guy. There are metal elements to him, but he like H20 and bands that I don’t reallyRead More
Chavo Guerrero took John Cena’s wrestling ability to task today on Twitter after the master of the Five Knuckle Shuffle declared earlier in the day that people will talk about his match with CM Punk tomorrow at Money in the Bank for years to come. He challenges the WWE Champion to think outside the box and not do the “BS lazy comeback” he does in “every match” because the fans deserve better. The third generation grappler also took a parting shot at The Miz during his near half-hour diatribe. GuerreroRead More

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Eric Bischoff Blasts Fan Over Facebook Message

Thanks to Revin Samuel of for the following: Eric Bischoff took issue yesterday to something was posted on his Facebook page where a fan said that if he were in any other business and had not delivered for them the way that he hasn’t delivered for TNA, he would have been fired by now. Bischoff actually called the audio blog that the poster does and took him to task for what the blogger posted. It was an interesting exchange that featured Bischoff harping on every incorrect statement that theRead More