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Posted On December 21, 2010By Daniel PenaIn News

Vance Archer Vows To Return To WWE After They Dropped The Ball

Lance Hoyt (a/k/a Vance Archer), who was released by World Wrestling Entertainment on Nov. 19 alongside alongside Luke Gallows, Tiffany, Caylen Croft, Jillian Hall and Shad Gaspard, feels the company made a mistake by cutting him loose. “For me it was a budgetary decision that was what was told to me,” Hoyt told SLAM! Wrestling in an interview. “I was obviously disappointed and felt WWE was making a mistake. “They dropped the ball by releasing me; I only regret not pushing the right people harder for more.” In the meantime,Read More

Posted On November 23, 2010By Daniel PenaIn News

WWE Dismisses Multiple Creative Writers, Talent Removed

– World Wrestling Entertainment dismissed two to four creative team writers last week, in addition to Christopher DeJoseph. Their names have yet to be disclosed. The writers were reportedly cut loose because company officials were displeased with the results of the last financial quarterly report and felt it would be in their best interest to acquire new writers with fresh ideas. WWE has been actively scouting potential writers in recent months. — WWE removed the profiles of those released Friday from the company website Monday. Those removed were Tiffany, JillianRead More

Posted On November 21, 2010By Daniel PenaIn News

WWE Star Pays Tribute To Released Tag Partner, Ziggler Boasts

– Trent Barreta acknowledged the release of “Dudebuster” teammate Caylen Croft prior to his match against Seth Rollins at Florida Championship Wrestling’s “Hog Wild” event in Brandon, Florida on Friday, yelling, “This one’s for Crofty!” He also had “Croft” written across the tape on his left arm. — Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler noted on Twitter that he plans to carry his opponent tonight at the Survivor Series, Kaval, to “another show stealing match.” “My back is healing just in time to carry another indy hero to ANOTHER show stealing match!,”Read More