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– Selling Monday’s injury, Chief Operating Officer of WWE Triple H could be seen wearing a small sling over his broken left arm as he accompanied undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to the ring for his highly anticipated bout against Miguel Cotto on Saturday night in Las Vegas, Nevada. Believing that Triple H decided to appear uninjured at the event, former WWE Superstar Carlito commented via Twitter: “I just saw triple h in mayweathers corner! Apparently his arm has already healed. Thank the lord for miracles!” He added further,Read More

Posted On October 6, 2011By StaffIn News

WWE Superstars Agree To Work This Weekend’s Live Events

Continuing the big “walkout” storyline from Monday’s RAW, the following statement was posted on the WWE website. WWE’s superstars will be working this weekend’s scheduled live events – on one condition .. Superstars agree to participate in weekend live events Attention, WWE Universe: WWE Superstars have agreed to participate in WWE live events this weekend, so long as the Chief Operating Officer, Triple H, is not in the building. Triple H has agreed to these terms, and all shows will continue as scheduled.Read More

Posted On September 26, 2011By Daniel PenaIn News

Shawn Michaels Tells Triple H He May Be Seeing Him Soon

WWE issued a video to mailing list subscribers of Shawn Michaels interrupting Triple H’s promotion of the Inside Out DVD. After teasing the movie’s plot of Triple’s character killing his best friend, Michaels questions the Chief Operating Officer’s decision making in a tongue-in-cheek manner. He tells Triple H, “I just want you to know there’s no hard feelings ’cause of what you did to my friend, Kevin Nash. You fired him like a no-good S.O.B. and I’m sure you had a perfectly good reason even though it looks like you’veRead More

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Stipulations Added To HHH vs. CM Punk At WWE Night Of Champions

Triple H vs. CM Punk at WWE Night of Champions was made a no disqualification match on tonight’s edition of WWE Raw. If Punk beats Triple H, he will resign as Chief Operating Officer of WWE. WWE Night of Champions will take place Sunday, September 19, 2011 from the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York.Read More

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Chris Jericho Lashes Out At CM Punk For Referencing Him On Raw

On Monday’s RAW, WWE Champion CM Punk had a face-to-face confrontation with Triple H and explained to WWE’s new Chief Operating Officer that despite all the good he did while in charge of WWE, Vince McMahon has dropped the ball on numerous occasions by letting several top talents leave the promotion. Among the superstars Punk mentioned were Batista, Mick Foley, Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho. One man who did not take kindly to being referenced by Punk is Chris Jericho, who let his feelings be known on Twitter. Jericho (@IAmJericho)Read More