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- Linda McMahon opponent Chris Murphy bought ads on the USA Network during Monday’s RAW in Connecticut. WWE issued the following statement to “It is apparent that the same people who have consistently denigrated and mischaracterized WWE and our family-friendly entertainment for political gain have officially changed their point of view about our content. For the second week in a row, Mr. Murphy’s campaign continues to run advertising in our programming with his new ad airing yesterday at 10:30 p.m. on USA during Monday Night Raw. While the pastRead More

Posted On February 16, 2012By StaffIn News

John Cena’s Car Collection, Atmosphere Backstage In WWE

- New political polls for the Connecticut Senate race show Linda McMahon trailing Democratic candidate Chris Murphy by 9 points. – There is a feeling among WWE officials that there are very few Superstars these days who act like and are main event talents, but the atmosphere is different than what it was a decade ago. Back then, WWE had it’s top main event Superstars but then had guys like The Hardys, Edge, Eddie Guerrero and many others who weren’t booked at the top but were working hard and motivatedRead More