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Posted On June 15, 2012By StaffIn News

Jesse Ventura Says Vince McMahon Is Mad At Him; Talks On Linda correspondent Chris Yandek sent this in: In his latest interview with, Jesse Ventura discussed numerous political, entertainment and wrestling topics among other things. Speaking with Chris Yandek and Jay Bildstein, the former Governor of Minnesota says Vince McMahon got mad at him because he wouldn’t support Linda McMahon’s failed United States Senate run in 2010. He hasn’t spoken to Vince since. “I haven’t spoken to Vince since he got mad at me ‘cause I wouldn’t endorse Linda for the senate…He got mad at me because I was onRead More

Posted On September 10, 2011By StaffIn News

Triple H Interview: His Critics, The WWE Product, Hall of Fame

In a new interview with Chris Yandek of, Triple H responds to his wrestling critics who believe he has received preferential treatment and greater opportunities on WWE TV, because he is married to Vince McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie. There have been claims that he held wrestlers down, keeping them from achieving more success in the WWE and receiving more opportunities to shine on the company’s television programs. Now working in creative and behind the scenes, he responds to the question if believes working in talent development is his chance toRead More

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A Long Lost Luna Vachon Interview Conducted In 2003 reader Chris Yandek sent the following: A long lost interview with Luna Vachon, who recently passed away, has hit the Internet. In 2003, Luna spoke with Chris Yandek of on his wrestling radio program at the time. The interview has been offline till this today. Luna is very candid about the fact that her parents didn’t want her to be in the wrestling business saying, “From the time I was three years old I had told my parents I was gonna to be in the wrestling business and theyRead More