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Posted On September 4, 2012By Jon AlbaIn Columns

The Commentary: It’s going to be one wild year

We got played. The marks got out-marked, and the smarks got out-smarked. Turns out, CM Punk is a Paul Heyman guy after all. And we are all just along for the ride. Last night’s revelation that Punk is seemingly working alongside Heyman brings full circle the relationship that has appeared destined to make WWE television since last June’s epic “shoot” by the latter. It came mostly out of nowhere, becoming an immediate attention-grabber to what was a seemingly slightly above-average RAW. The series of epic promos and encounters that weRead More

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What Happened After WWE Raw Went Off The Air In Chicago

After this week’s episode of Raw went off the air, CM Punk came out to the ring and feigned rapping. Punk spoke about how he was supposed to face John Cena, but Cena was in no condition to wrestle. Cena came out and attacked Punk. Alberto Del Rio came out to make the save, however Sheamus then ran out, followed by Dolph Ziggler and Antonio Cesaro. CM Punk was running to the back as Randy Orton came out to help Sheamus and Cena beat up the heels. The heels sawRead More
Tonight’s Labor Day edition of WWE RAW takes place from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. The top three stars in WWE’s advertising for tonight are WWE Champion and hometown hero CM Punk, John Cena and Daniel Bryan. At one point, Punk and Cena vs. Big Show and John Laurinaitis was advertised for tonight. Confirmed for tonight’s show is week two of the anger management skits with Bryan and Kane. Expected for tonight is a big hometown angle with CM Punk following the second beatdown on Jerry Lawler last week.Read More
WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz spoke with while doing promotional work in London last week. Here are some highlights: If wrestling hadn’t worked out, what were you going to fall back on? I’d probably be in Cleveland, Ohio, running a business like my dad does. He runs a chain of sandwich shops. I’ll probably run a couple of those too. What’s the worst injury you’ve sustained? The worst injuries are to your head. I got a concussion on WrestleMania 27. I took a tackle off a table and landedRead More
WWE SummerSlam 2012 PPV DVD and Blu-ray planned extras were released by SilverVision earlier this week. Here is the full listing for the DVD and Blu-ray, including special features and extras. Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler Matt Striker Interviews Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman Kane vs. Daniel Bryan Kane searches for Daniel Bryan Intercontinental Championship Match The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio CM Punk has words with AJ Lee World Heavyweight Championship Match Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio WWE Tag Team Championship Match Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. The Prime TimeRead More

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WWE Raw World Tour Results From Sydney, Australia (8/31/12)

Thanks to reader Justin for sending in full results from Friday’s WWE Raw live event in Sydney, Australia: Opening contest: Brodus Clay w/ Naomi vs Jack Swagger. Winner: Brodus Clay 2nd contest: Layla vs Rosa Mendez for the Divas Championship. Winner: Layla 3rd contest: The Miz vs Alex Riley for the Intercontinental Championship. A lot of back and forth action. Miz played a really good heel here and did a great promo which I think stole the show. Great match between the two. Winner and still champion: The MizRead More
- John Laurinaitis has recovered from his injury and is back working dark main events. Laurinaitis appeared at the end of John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. Big Show in Brisbane. Laurinaitis attacked Cena with a steel chair but caught an Attitude Adjustment. – No word yet on any fallout from Cameron’s arrest last Friday. She is on the current WWE RAW tour of Australia and worked last night’s live event in Brisbane in her normal role. – WWE Diva Rosa Mendes is back into the swing of things afterRead More
A new match was revealed for the WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings. Kaitlyn vs. Layla for the Divas Title has been added to the PPV. The updated confirmed Night of Champions card looks like this: WWE Title Match John Cena vs. CM Punk World Heavyweight Title Match Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus WWE Divas Title Match Kaitlyn vs. LaylaRead More

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ThunderStruck: Raw 1005 Analysis

Jerry Lawler gets in the ring to open the show and demands an apology from CM Punk. Punk comes out and refuses to apologize and says he was doing what he needed to do as WWE Champion. He challenges Lawler to a fight and lets him think about it. ^I’m sure a lot of people considered this segment boring, but I enjoy Jerry Lawler more in rivalry than on commentary. I know the guy is 60+ years of age, but that doesn’t mean he can’t jump in the ring andRead More

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Mike Shannon’s WWE Raw Review – August 27, 2012

“Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends… We’re so glad you could attend” I’M BAAAAAAAAAAACK. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to PwMania, the most charismatic columnist in the history of the internet has returned to give you the truth about WWE and Raw.  Since I have been somewhat inactive over the past few months, I’ll give everyone a refresher course on exactly how I review wrestling: I am hopelessly biased towards certain wrestlers, I don’t pull any punches when something or someoneRead More

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WWE Night of Champions Main Event Announced; CM Punk vs. John Cena

It was announced on this week’s episode of WWE Raw by General Manager AJ Lee that WWE Champion CM Punk will defend his WWE Championship against John Cena at Night of Champions. WWE Night of Champions 2012 will take place Sunday, September 16, 2012 from TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. will be providing live free coverage of the PPV, as well as the latest breaking news and spoilers leading to the PPV.Read More
- Ric Flair mentioned over the weekend on The Abe Kanan Show that he would like to have a part in “The Hangover 3″ movie. Flair’s official Facebook page is encouraging fans to help make it happen. – The August 24th episode of Smackdown did 2,587,000 viewers which is down from last week’s 2,612,000 number. – WWE has posted a list of the 20 smartest superstars of all time. Paul Heyman topped the list, followed by Bobby Heenan, Triple H, Matt Striker and Mick Foley. – WWE has published anRead More
Bret Hart
Arda Ocal of theScore Television Network and the Baltimore Sun spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart. Topics included: – CM Punk wearing pink and black and Bret’s thoughts, particularly since Punk seems to be in a similar position in his character as Bret was in 1997 – Thoughts on Punk and Daniel Bryan being the Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart of this generation – His UFC 149 experience in Calgary – walking fighter Nick Ring to the cage and having fighter Antonio Carvalho use his entrance music More

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Tea Time with Liam: It’s one of Those Columns

Looking at my watch, I once again realised I was super late posting this. Like by a week or two. Well that’s laziness for you. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another riveting edition of Tea Time with Liam where I’m going to try to share with you my thoughts and ramblings on the wacky world of pro wrestling. Before I start I’d like to ask you, the readers to help me out. When the wrestling news week is slow, the chances are that you wont get a column from me.Read More
WWE’s website has a new article up looking at seven Superstars that World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus wants to fight. He listed Big Show, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Kane, Wade Barrett, Randy Orton and The Undertaker. Here’s what Sheamus had to say about each: Undertaker: “I’ve achieved pretty much everything — WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, Royal Rumble winner, King of the Ring — all that’s left for me to do really is to take out The Streak.” Orton: “Me and [Randy] Orton are no strangers to each other. I haveRead More
The following are live notes from Thursday night’s WWE NXT tapings from Full Sail University: Pre-Show Dark Matches: – Dean Ambrose defeated CJ Parker by submission. Ambrose did some mic work before the match and taunted Parker. – Damien Sandow defeated Garrett Dylan by submission. Sandow was very over with the crowd. Before the match, Sandow offered him gives him the opportunity to leave the ring and instead listen to him lecture. Sandow did a cartwheel after match, which got a big pop. They cheered “One more time!” loudly andRead More
CM Punk, AJ & Sin Cara Invade NYC at Ringside Fest 2012! WWE® Champion CM Punk Returns Due To Popular Demand! NEW YORK, NY – RINGSIDE COLLECTIBLES, INC. presents the 9th annual RINGSIDE FEST, scheduled for Saturday, October 20th at Carolines on Broadway in Times Square, New York City. This blockbuster event includes appearances by WWE® Superstar CM Punk® (appearing at 11:30am), WWE® Diva AJ™ (appearing at 9:15am) & WWE® Superstar Sin Cara™(appearing at 9:15am)! Tickets are required for autographs and photo opportunities. Availability is limited. Advanced purchase is suggested,Read More

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ThunderStruck: Y2J

Anyone else remember the weird promos with the little boy and the little girl and all the odds clues as to what it might mean? Anyone remember reading the dirt sheets and the debates on whether it was Chris Jericho or the Undertaker who was behind said promos? Jericho made a name for himself on debuts and returns alone in WWE, and this latest run of his has been nothing short of spectacular. Y2J returned to WWE after not being seen for sixteen months in January of this year. HeRead More
It’s been reported for months that WWE is in the process of making a new championship belt that will replace CM Punk’s current “spinner” belt. Punk confirmed in a recent interview that the belt will debut very soon. He speculated it could debut as early as WWE SummerSlam (it didn’t) or by next month’s Night of Champions pay-per-view. To update this situation, we can report that Rick Petko from Orange County Choppers, which is featured on The Discovery Channel’s American Chopper television series, is helping with the creation of theRead More