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A WWE source told sports blog Corey Unfiltered ( Friday that Alberto Del Rio suffered a “serious concussion” at last Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Columbia, South Carolina. During a skirmish, Sheamus slammed Del Rio’s head against the metal WWE logo, leading to his concussion. Kane replaced Del Rio as Sheamus’ Steel Cage Match opponent in the post-taping bout and at Saturday’s SmackDown live event in Salisbury, Maryland. Del Rio’s injury puts his World Heavyweight Championship Match against Sheamus at No Way Out on June 17 in jeopardy since WWE officialsRead More
Alberto Del Rio did not appear as scheduled for Saturday’s SmackDown live event in Salisbury, Maryland, which would confirm reports that he suffered a concussion during last Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Columbia, South Carolina. WWE officials brainstormed alternative scenarios Friday in case Del Rio is unable to wrestle Sheamus at No Way Out on June 17. Looking to get under the skin of the World Heavyweight Champion, Del Rio brought out Ricardo Rodriguez on this week’s episode of SmackDown to make light of the Irish brawler by mimicking his distinctiveRead More

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ThunderStruck: Smackdown! Analysis 06/08/12

Alberto Del Rio opens Smackdown with a promo on what he’s going to do to Sheamus at No Way Out. Sheamus’ music hits and out comes Ricardo Rodriguez dressed as Sheamus. Del Rio makes fun of Sheamus, and says anybody can be like him. He says there is only one ADR. The real Sheamus comes out and brawls with both men. They get the upper hand and attack Sheamus until officials come out to break it up. Teddy Long comes out and says John Laurinaitis is not here tonight andRead More

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CM Punk Being Switched From RAW To SmackDown House Shows

WWE has made arrangements for CM Punk to switch from Raw brand house shows, to Smackdown brand house shows. With the recent suspension of Randy Orton, the Smackdown brand tour would have been suffering with top star power without the necessary changes. These changes will go into effect on June 23rd for the Smackdown show in Springfield, IL, where Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio will be used as the Smackdown brand headliners. John Cena and Big Show will be used as the Raw headliners. This change willRead More

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*Spoilers* Full WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 6/8

WWE taped this week’s Smackdown Tuesday night from Columbia, S.C. Thanks to Justin James, PWTorch contributor for live results. Below are full results: Smackdown SPOILERS 6/8 Michael Cole came out pre-show, selling the effects of the attack on Raw. Massive heat on Cole. Alberto Del Rio opens with a recap of his attack on Sheamus on Raw. Ricardo Rodriguez is missing. Sheamus’s music hits, but it’s Rodriguez dressed up like Sheamus, including bright white tights and shirt to emulate Sheamus’s skin. He does a hilarious imitation of Sheamus as DelRead More

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ThunderStruck: Smackdown! Analysis 06/01/12

Sheamus opens Smackdown with a promo. David Otunga interrupts, followed by Alberto Del Rio. Otunga tells Del Rio that he can pick Sheamus’ opponent tonight. Del Rio picks Dolph Ziggler later in the show. Sheamus brogue kicks Otunga and knocks ADR out of the ring at the same time. ^It’s interesting to see Otunga take on a role similar to what Teddy Long used to do on Smackdown. I like how the guy is always acting tough and smart, but getting his ass kicked by the end of the show.Read More

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ThunderStruck: Smackdown! Analysis 05/25/12

Eve comes out. She says John Laurinaitis isn’t here tonight, and he left her in charge. She says she will deal with Sheamus. She says Sheamus will issue a public apology for bumping into JL Monday night, and she will also announce his opponent for No Way Out. Alberto Del Rio comes to the ring. Del Rio wants to face Sheamus at No Way Out. Orton interrupts. He wants a title shot as well. Kane’s out next for the same reason. Eve books a triple threat match between them andRead More
- WWE developmental FCW taped another three weeks of TV tapings in Tampa, Florida last night. It was announced that the final FCW TV tapings will take place on June 7th. – In other news from the tapings, the main event of week three saw FCW Champion Seth Rollins take on Dean Ambrose. A report from the tapings said that Ambrose may have injured his shoulder in the match, after taking a superplex. – WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio turns 35 years old today. – WWE Superstar Ezekiel Jackson hasRead More

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ThunderStruck: Raw Analysis 05/21/12

Cena opens Raw and rants on losing to John Laurinaitis at Over the Limit. He goes on to rant about Big Show selling out to get his job back. Eve comes out and introduces an injured JL. He comes out on a scooter with crutches in hand. JL lists off his “potential” injuries. He brings out Big Show. Show offers no real explanation for selling out and says he will face Cena at No Way Out. Otunga comes out to face John Cena right now. John Cena defeats Otunga inRead More
Recently on The Konnan Show on, former WCW wrestler Konnan spoke about the heat between current WWE superstars Sin Cara and Alberto Del Rio. Konnan noted that Cara started to get a big head in Mexico after becoming a star. He went on to say that Del Rio once approached Cara backstage at a show in Mexico, and either Cara or a member of Cara’s posse pulled a gun out on Del Rio. Konnan went on to state that he was surprised to see both wrestlers in WWE, andRead More

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WWE Smackdown: A Change is Needed

I really don’t want to be that guy. You know, that guy who watches WWE every single week, yet always feels the need to tell everybody how awful it is, how stupid the booking is and how laughably bad the characters are, “Oh, it’s not like back in 90’s, when wrestling was good. Now we have this garbage.” Guys like that just plain suck. But watching Smackdown last night just left me cold. There were so many matches that I had absolutely no interest in. The main event, especially. AndRead More

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ThunderStruck: Smackdown! Analysis 05/11/12

Sheamus and Randy Orton team up against Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho to open Smackdown. The match gets stopped shortly into it when the ref loses control and the four men brawl. Orton is booked into a match with ADR tonight and Sheamus is booked into a match with Jericho. ^So Smackdown opens for a second week in a row with a match that doesn’t have a finish? I smell a lack of creative thinking here. That’s okay though; sometimes it’s better to have singles matches as opposed toRead More

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ThunderStruck: Smackdown! Analysis 05/04/12

Sheamus comes out to open Smackdown. He talks about Daniel Bryan wanting to fight him tonight and how he said “yes” to his challenge. He leads the crowd into a yes chant. Daniel Bryan comes out for their one on one, non title match. Ricardo Rodriguez hits a flying crossbody on Sheamus to cause the DQ and then Del Rio leads him in an attack by using the cross armbreaker. Bryan then puts Sheamus in a yes-lock to further inflict injury. Sheamus is shown in the trainer’s room being checkedRead More

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Why Alberto Del Rio Was Moved From Raw To SmackDown

The decision to move Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez over to SmackDown was made a few weeks back. Officials felt that SmackDown needed another top heel. Del Rio and Rodriguez are now on SmackDown’s roster page.Read More

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ThunderStruck: Smackdown! Analysis 04/20/12

Daniel Bryan says he will beat Sheamus at Extreme Rules. AJ comes out. He beats her down verbally and tells her he wishes she had never been born. He leaves. ^The crowd is going to love Bryan no matter how he acts. His wrestling talent and yes chants shine far more than his jerk persona. It makes me wonder if creative will stick to keeping the title on Sheamus with Bryan having this much popularity with the audience. AJ goes one on one with Natalya. AJ is so upset fromRead More

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Steve Austin Receives Award, Alberto Del Rio Update, Maxine

- Steve Austin received the Iron Mike Award at the Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion show in Las Vegas last night. Austin was introduced by Jim Ross. Ross wrote on Twitter that it was an honor to introduce Austin and that Austin asked him to do it. – Steve Austin has an interview in the new issue of Men’s Fitness magazine. – Alberto Del Rio was in action at Wednesday’s live event in Sheffield, England. Del Rio won a quick match over Mason Ryan. A fan in attendance wrote that itRead More

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Del Rio Almost Quit WWE, RAW Trends, Abraham Washington

- Tajiri was trending worldwide on Twitter last night after Lord Tensai spit the green mist at John Cena. Other terms trending last night includes fish & chips, The Yes Lock, Abraham Washington and Chief Jay Strongbow, among others. – Speaking of Abraham Washington, it appears he is no longer trying to “sign” Mark Henry. Abe appeared on last night’s RAW Supershow and was scouting the match with WWE Tag Team Champions Epico & Primo vs. Big Show and The Great Khali. Since last week, Washington has wrote on TwitterRead More
- Add UFC star Rashad Evans to the list of personalities at WrestleMania 28. Rashad trains just north of Miami. – Last night’s live WWE Super SmackDown special did a 1.5 cable rating, down from last Friday’s 1.9 cable rating. – RAW Superstars Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are now booked for all upcoming SmackDown live events. – Brock Lesnar is not scheduled to wrestle a match until WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view. His main event against John Cena will be his first match in a WWE ring in overRead More

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*Spoilers* For Tonight WWE Raw Supershow; Big Return & More

The finalized script for tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow features the return of Alberto Del Rio. As noted, WWE has big plans for Del Rio’s return and that’s why he was kept of WrestleMania.   Matt Bloom is also backstage for tonight’s show. He may be returning as Lord Tensai.   Several FCW talents are at RAW tonight also.Read More