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Video: Z! True Long Island Story – Episode #79

On this week’s episode of Z! True Long Island Story taped from Japan, Zack Ryder addresses his lack of television time on Raw and being “squashed” by Tensai on this week’s episode of WWE Superstars. Dolph Ziggler, Derrick Bateman, Trent Barreta, Yoshi Tatsu and the Big O appear.Read More
The second week of the new WWE NXT season featured three top prospects debut – Seth Rollins, Leo Kruger and Richie Steamboat. Rollins made his debut in the opening match, defeating Jiro. He cut a promo after the match and said he was here to change the world. Kruger, a former FCW Champion, appeared in a vignette that talked about his South African heritage. Kruger dubbed himself the Alpha Male Lion of the WWE and defeated Aiden English by submission. Steamboat also appeared in a vignette with WWE acknowledging Richie’sRead More

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WWE Superstars Look Back At CM Punk’s “Pipebomb” Promo

- WWE’s website has a new article up with several Superstars looking back at CM Punk’s famous “pipebomb” promo from the June 27th, 2011 RAW Supershow. Here are some comments: “Road Dogg” Jesse James (who presented Punk his Slammy in 2011): I think it caused a revolution, to be quite honest with you. I think people who know the inside track, they always want to hear somebody who drops that on national TV. I think that’s what brought CM Punk to the forefront, and now his popularity has just grownRead More

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*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results For 6/13

WWE taped this week’s NXT Tuesday night from Manchester, New Hampshire at the Verizon Wireless Arena. Thanks to for live updates. Below are live results: Dark Match * Dean Ambrose lost to Big E Langston billed from Manchester, New Hampshire. WWE NXT (Airing Wednesday) * Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins defeated Derrick Bateman and Percy Watson. * Kaitlyn defeated Natalya. * The Uso Brothers defeated Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis.Read More
Hear what Brodus Clay, Derrick Bateman and Antonio Cesaro have to say about the WWE action that took place on SmackDown. (June 8, 2012)Read More

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Confirmed Matches For Tonight’s Edition Of WWE SmackDown

The following is a spoiler-free preview for tonight’s WWE SmackDown, taped Tuesday night from Columbia, South Carolina: – Alberto Del Rio vs. The Great Khali – Brodus Clay vs. Derrick Bateman – Sin Cara vs. Drew McIntyre – Ryback vs. two local wrestlers – IC Champion Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler (Non-title match) – Antonio Cesaro vs. Jimmy Uso – World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs. KaneRead More

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Confirmed For This Week’s Edition Of WWE SmackDown

The following matches were taped for this week’s edition of WWE SmackDown: * Alberto Del Rio vs. The Great Khali * Brodus Clay vs. Derrick Bateman * Drew McIntyre vs. Sin Cara * Ryback vs. Two Local Wrestlers * IC Champion Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler * World Champion Sheamus vs. KaneRead More
Go on an epic journey with Derrick Bateman as he takes part in a party for the mind, soul, and body in a ZUMBA class. Bateman takes his newly found ZUMBA talents backstage at WWE where he teaches Kaitlyn and other Superstars some new moves.Read More

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Dean Ambrose Wins Another Dark Match, NXT & Superstars Matches

* WWE developmental wrestler Dean Ambrose defeated a local wrestler in a dark match before Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. * Antonio Cesaro vs. Tyson Kidd was taped for the SmackDown portion of this week’s WWE Superstars Tuesday night. WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. JTG & Michael McGillicutty and Heath Slater vs. Zack Ryder were taped for the Raw portion. * Derrick Bateman vs. Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater vs. Percy Watson and Alicia Fox vs. Maxine were the three matches taped for this week’s editionRead More

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ThunderStruck: NXT Redemption Analysis 05/16/12

Johnny Curtis defeats Percy Watson clean with a falcon arrow suplex after a solid four and a half minute opening match. ^I find it hard to believe that WWE would consider getting rid of either one of these guys. I was originally leaning towards Curtis being someone that they might cut when it came time to do roster cleanup, but he’s got so much talent and it just seems like it would be a horrible idea to let him go. Percy is probably the most dynamic and fun to watchRead More

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*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results For 5/16

- WWE is taping WWE NXT from Hershey, Pennsylvania at The Giant Center. Here are the results. Dark Match: * Dean Ambrose defeated a local jobber. WWE NXT (Airing tomorrow on * Johnny Curtis defeated Percy Watson. * The Great Khali & Ezekiel Jackson defeated Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks. Khali got the pin on Reks. * Kaitlyn defeated Maxine. * Tyson Kidd defeated Michael McGillicutty and Derrick Bateman in a Triple Threat match.Read More

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WWE Stock Rises, Mark Henry Pulled From Events, SmackDown

- WWE’s stock price increased by over 13% on Thursday, a sign that Wall Street was very satisfied by the company’s first quarter earnings report released earlier in the day. The stock closed at $8.90 per share after it had bottomed out around $7.75 three times in the past two weeks. – Mark Henry has been pulled from advertising for this week’s RAW brand live events. He had been scheduled to wrestle John Cena and WWE Champion CM Punk this weekend. – Matches for tonight’s WWE SmackDown include Sheamus vs.Read More

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Dean Ambrose Works SD Dark Match, Matches Taped For NXT

- The following matches have been taped for this week’s edition of WWE NXT: * Derrick Bateman vs. JTG * Tamina & Kaitlyn vs.Maxine & Natalya * Tyson Kidd vs. Johnny Curtis – Dean Ambrose worked another WWE dark match tonight at the Smackdown taping from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He defeated Josh Shields.Read More

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*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results For 4/25

WWE taped this week’s WWE NXT tonight from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Thanks to PWTorch for live results. Below are full taping results: Dark Match * Dean Ambrose beat Josh Shields WWE NXT * Derrick Bateman beat JTG. * Tamina & Kaitlyn beat Maxine & Natalya. * Tyson Kidd beat Johnny Curtis.Read More

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Nash Still Open To WWE Return, Derrick Bateman, Perry Saturn

- Kevin Nash wrote on Twitter this weekend that he is still open to returning for WWE: “I will return to the WWE when they call and tell me where to be. Love working the Indys and getting to know my fans.Nice to be real!!!” – Despite being removed from the WWE and FCW roster pages, the profiles of Derrick Bateman and Percy Watson can still be accessed through the WWE NXT Superstars page on WWE’s website. – Former WCW/WWE star Perry Saturn recently did a shoot interview with More
- WWE is advertising Christian to return to TV at this coming Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Christian returned to the ring at the European tour that just finished. – Rey Mysterio and Kelly Kelly were representing WWE at the Sarasota Film Festival in Sarasota, Florida last night. Rey and Kelly were there as WWE Studios’ “The Day” was being premiered. The movie was screened twice this weekend but received no awards. – has the following Brock Lesnar matches featured and availableRead More

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Paul Heyman Helping Brock Lesnar, The Rock’s GI Joe, Bateman

- Mark Madden recently said on Chairshots Radio that Paul Heyman has been helping Brock Lesnar with his promos since returning to WWE. However, Heyman has not been re-hired by WWE and as previously reported, there is no plan in place to bring him back. – The Rock spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how the new GI Joe movie that opens in late-June is different than the first: “I can tell you this one is creatively much different [from the first],” said Rock. “It’s rooted, it’s grounded, it’s real. TheRead More

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ThunderStruck: NXT Redemption Analysis 04/11/12

Johnny Curtis takes on Percy Watson in our opening match. Maxine comes to the ring with Curtis and Percy gets angry about this. Regal gets on the mic and tells Maxine to stay away from the ring. Maxine talks to Regal during the match and Josh Matthews does commentary solo for a bit. Regal sits down and says something has been brought to his attention regarding Matt Striker. Regal won’t explain what’s going on beyond that. He decides to leave ringside with Maxine. Watson gets distracted by Regal leaving andRead More

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Sheamus In Australia, WWE Returning To Mexico, Tonight’s NXT

- Sheamus is off this weekend’s live events as he will be in Australia. You can meet “The Great White” at Big W Bankstown at Centro Bankstown, 1A North Terrace, 2 Rickard Road in Bankstown, Australia this Saturday at 3:00 pm. Sheamus is scheduled to be back in the U.S. for RAW this Monday in Philadelphia, PA. – Here are matches for today’s episode of WWE NXT, taped at last night’s SmackDown taping in Columbus, OH: * The Usos vs. Darren Young & Titus O’Neil * Alex Riley & PercyRead More