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“Diamond” Dallas Page said during an interview with the Pro Wrestling Torch Livecast that the only wrestler he would come out of retirement to wrestle would be WWE Superstar Randy Orton. Otherwise, he has no interest in returning to the ring as he does not want to risk the quality of his life at the age of 55. “That’s the only match I would come out of retirement for. I would put my body on the line only to be able to show I could still go. I would take myRead More

Posted On May 31, 2011By PWMania.com StaffIn News

DDP Speaks On Potential WWE Return, Orton/Angle, More

Arda Ocal & Jimmy Korderas of Right After Wrestling Radio on theScore on SIRIUS 158 recently spoke with Diamond Dallas Page. Highlights: DDP on possibly coming back to the WWE in the future & how he is doing today: “I spoke to Johnny Ace about this…I haven’t heard back from him on it. I told him I would love to do some kind of PR. Some public relations. That sort of thing is what Vince [McMahon] wanted me to do when I left. He wanted me to stay and beRead More