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- After John Laurinaitis took a “personal day” off from this past Friday’s SmackDown, WWE has a new article up looking at the agenda and motives of his Executive Administrator Eve Torres. They speculate that Eve is out to get Laurinaitis’ job or maybe looking to thin out the Divas Division so she can challenge for Layla’s title. – As noted before, Sting recently was added to WWE’s Alumni roster on their website. This was done because of the upcoming Best of WCW Clash of the Champions DVD that comesRead More

Posted On January 6, 2012By Daniel PenaIn News

Maryse Discusses Her Release From WWE, The Divas Division

Former WWE Diva Maryse was a guest on the Hit The Ropes radio show Wednesday night. Highlights from the interview are as follows: What she’s been up to recently with House of Maryse: “Well, I have been working on House of Maryse for about a year and a half now, so you know I’m very excited about it and I’m hoping we will be launching in the summer. Hopefully June or July. So basically House of Maryse is all of those little things that I love. You know I’m aRead More