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Chyna says she has recovered after collapsing on three consecutive days at an adult convention in Miami, Florida last month. “I want to thank all my fans for their concern @ my health,” she wrote on Twitter. “I am almost recovered from sinus infection and out of bed ready for travel again.” She was appearing at the 2012 Exxxotica Expo on behalf of Vivid Entertainment to promote their adult film parody of “Avengers.” A Vivid representative told that Chyna continued to appear at the events because she insisted sheRead More

Posted On May 11, 2012By StaffIn News

Chris Jericho Involved In Club Dispute With Popular N.C. DJ

Popular North Carolina DJ Waleed Coyote was involved in a dispute with WWE superstar, Chris Jericho following a verbal altercation at “The Treasure Club,” in the early hours of May 7, reports Jericho was accompanied by R. Truth, as well as a WWE referee at the club in N.C. “The thing that bothered me about this dude is that we weren’t formerly introduced and he acted out of line and you can’t do that in North Carolina,” Waleed Coyote said. “He would have done that to anyone in thisRead More

Posted On March 28, 2011By StaffIn News

Big Dick Johnson Speaks On Vince Creating His Name

World Wrestling Insanity interview with Chris DeJoseph (Host: James Guttman) Interview available at via ClubWWI. Fans never forget the image of Dick Johnson. Even if they want to – they can’t. It’s burned in there. James Guttman asks the former BDJ, Chris DeJoseph, about the character itself. Many assumed it was something he came up with himself. That’s not true. In fact, the idea came about when brainstorming people to encounter Vince McMahon backstage while he worried about his upcoming on-air paternity suit. As he tells members, theRead More

Posted On January 20, 2011By Owen PattersonIn News

Shaul Marie Guerrero Works FCW Show This Week, Maria Kanellis

- During an interview with Final Bell Radio earlier this week, former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis had the following to say about the upcoming DivaMania tour, also featuring former WWE Divas Jillian Hall and Tiffany: “We’re going to visit different bars, clubs, and do signings and hang with fans. It’s going to be the three of us back on the road. It’s going to be more of a relaxed atmosphere, not so structured. We’re just going to go out there and have a good time. We’ll go to a clubRead More