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Posted On May 5, 2012By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Rosa Mendes Tweets On Signing With Abraham Washington

Rosa Mendes revealed on Twitter last night that she, Primo and Epico, have signed on to be represented by Abraham Washington’s “All World” talent agency. @LaRosaMendes We are officially signed with AW!!!!! Now we will get the respect we deserve and win back the tag team titles!!!!! @LaRosaMendes http://t.co/7s6nAvaM: Primo, Epico & Rosa Mendes sign with A.W.’s “All World” talent agency http://t.co/wZRImeOB via @wwe @LaRosaMendes Signing with AW= $$$$$ love it!!! http://t.co/IAp6mbkT “AW” has been shown pursuing the former tag team champions, playing up the fact that the group areRead More