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– According to reports from the Tough Enough set, Luke Robinson is considered the early favorite on the show. He stands out as a star and is considered a good wrestler that possesses charisma. Show host Steve Austin was so impressed by Robinson that he is privately working out with him. Robinson is a 26-year-old independent wrestler from Maine who performs under the name “Golden Boy” Bobby Robinson. His bio reads: “For him, WWE combines all his passions rolled into one: performing, marketing, athleticism and traveling. Luke proved hisRead More
– John Cena is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Fighting Spirit, with the headline reading “Have We Cena ‘Nuff?” To view the cover, click here. The synopsis reads: “Between his superhero act getting incredibly old and him almost ruining the careers of people like The Miz and Nexus by squashing them completely, FSM has had it up to here with John Cena. But is it really all his fault? FSM examines WWE’s top man and wonders if he’s to blame for ruining WWE for everyone.” —Read More
– The Miz has landed his third magazine cover within the span of a month as he is featured on the latest edition of United Kingdom based wrestling magazine, Fighting Spirit. To view the cover, click here. Also featured is an interview with Sheamus, who reigned as WWE Champion at the time of piece. — WWE Films’ The Condemned starring Steve Austin airs immediately following Raw. The action flick replays at 2:05 a.m. — As John Cena held Wade Barrett in the STF during their bout at Hell in aRead More