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Posted On May 24, 2011By Mike ShannonIn Columns

Raw Review – May 23, 2011

Raw Review – May 23, 2011 -So, the mainstream media FINALLY seems to be picking up the fact that professional wrestlers are dropping dead at an alarming rate. Of course, wrestling fans have been screaming about this for YEARS but we’re just knuckle-dragging rednecks who watch oil guys pretend to fight…so what do we know? -Anyways, here is the list of performers from WrestleMania VII who are no longer with us… Like I said, what do we know? -Anyways, Over the Limit was last night and, with the exception ofRead More

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WWE Raw Review – April 4, 2011

Raw Review – April 4, 2011 -Some quick WrestleMania thoughts before we get started: Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio – Decent match, nothing great. I really thought Del Rio was going over here, especially given the match placement. Del Rio’s time will come, sooner or later. Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio – Another decent match, seemed like a TV main event as opposed to a WrestleMania grudge match. I dig Cody’s new character and get more tired of Rey Rey every day. Corre vs. Santino, Big Show, Kane & KofiRead More

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WWE Raw Review – Jan. 10, 2011

Raw Review – January 10, 2011 -So it’s another week of Raw on USA and your soundtrack tonight is Metallica’s black album. -LIVE! from Nashville, TN (home of bad music, bad food, and bad teeth) Tag Team Titles Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. ??? We never get to hear who the champs are facing because Nexus attacks immediately and dumps the “champion” jobbers to the floor. Punk brags some more about taking out Cena two weeks ago and promises he will initiate himself in the “new” Nexus tonight. ForgiveRead More