Posted On June 15, 2012By PWMania.com StaffIn Indy News

The New Issue Of Fighting Spirit Magazine Is Now Available

NEW ISSUE OF FIGHTING SPIRIT MAGAZINE NOW AVAILABLE Return of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin column; Exclusive interviews with Chris Jericho and AJ Styles London, England: Fighting Spirit Magazine is proud to announce that the new issue of the publication is now available in print and online. With 84 pages packed with news, interviews, features, columns, and reviews, FSM is unquestionably the leading pro wrestling magazine anywhere in the world today. Boasting features from the top writers in the industry, and exclusive columns from WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” SteveRead More
– John Cena is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Fighting Spirit, with the headline reading “Have We Cena ‘Nuff?” To view the cover, click here. The synopsis reads: “Between his superhero act getting incredibly old and him almost ruining the careers of people like The Miz and Nexus by squashing them completely, FSM has had it up to here with John Cena. But is it really all his fault? FSM examines WWE’s top man and wonders if he’s to blame for ruining WWE for everyone.” —Read More