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roh has a really good piece up looking at ROH & the impact it’s had on the WWE. Here is an excerpt from their piece: In fall 2005, 600 fans packed into a small rec center in Suffolk County just three miles north of the Long Island Expressway to watch a wrestling show presented by a company called Ring of Honor. In one of the night’s main events, a fearless 5-foot-8 grappler defeated a hard-nosed southerner for the ROH World Championship after more than 30 minutes of grueling action. ThoseRead More
Former ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky received the cease and desist letter from ROH in regard to his Facebook comments on May 15th. There has been bad blood between the two sides since Sapolsky was dismissed from the company, which led to EVOLVE’s creation. As previously reported, Sapolsky signed an agreement saying that he wouldn’t talk poorly about ROH, but Sapolsky believes that ROH is a different company now that Sinclair bought them and reorganized them under an LLC. Asked about the issue during a media conference call, ROH COO JoeRead More
Ring of Honor has fired off a cease and desist letter to former ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky. Sapolsky made comments on his Facebook on Monday slamming ROH for their latest round of iPPV issues that took place during the Border Wars show over the weekend. ROH is trying to enforce an agreement Sapolsky signed in October 2008 he left ROH agreeing not to disparage the company. Sapolsky is likely to contend that the agreement was signed before ROH was reorganized under Sinclair Broadcasting. He also never specifically mentioned ROH inRead More