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Michael Cole Plays CM Punk’s Attack On Jerry Lawler, Henry & Regal At WWE Tryouts, Birthdays

– Several of the WWE Superstars and Divas have commented on CM Punk assaulting Jerry Lawler via Twitter and most…

*Spoiler* Next Week’s Interim RAW & SmackDown GM Revealed

It was announced on RAW that until WWE’s Board of Director appoints new General Managers to run RAW and SmackDown,…

Possible GMs, WWE Travel Issues, Amazing Red’s Tryout, More

– WWE are bringing back former General Managers for RAW and SmackDown while the Board of Directors finds permanent replacements….

Vickie Managing Swagger, Sin Cara Has A Mo-Hawk?, More

– As previously reported, the original Sin Cara returned to action at last night’s WWE SmackDown! live event in Tacoma,…