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– TMZ.com reported Wednesday that a sex tape featuring legendary grappler Hulk Hogan has surfaced and is currently being shopped to a major adult film company. According to the website, the tape features the TNA Wrestling Superstar in a state of undress with an unidentified brunette female lying on a bed. The woman in question is not his ex-wife Linda Bollea or his current wife Jennifer McDaniel. Ultimate Warrior went on Twitter to weigh in on his longtime rival’s video. He wrote, “HH sex tape? Don’t need more boring proofRead More
Hulk Hogan has decided to interject himself into the Kevin Nash vs. Ultimate Warrior e-feud and adamantly says that he’s on Team Nash. The Hulkster was asked late Monday night to give his thoughts on a proposed mixed martial arts duel between the two wrestling mega-stars and responded with a rambling post trashing the founding father of ring intensity. “Kevin would destroy him ,the wattiors already got a million excuses, if you touch me or I need to train for a year now u can see tight through the assRead More
– Hulk Hogan posed the following question to his Twitter followers Friday: “Should Hulk Hogan or should Hollywood Hulk Hogan come back and save the wrestling world. HH or HollywoodHH?” Hogan’s query to return as “Hollywood” garnered an overly negative response as he stated the following hours later: “Ok ok ok guys I get it, the good guy red and yellow, I just thought I would ask,I get it brother.” — MVP gave a critical review of Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling on Twitter. He wrote: “1st time I tuneRead More

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Hogan To Make Major Announcement, Matches Taped For Xplosion

– Hulk Hogan stated this morning on Twitter that he will be making a ‘huge’ announcement at tonight’s Impact Wrestling taping (airdate September 29). He wrote, “Got a huge announcement tonight at the IMPACT Tapings. HH.” — Mickie James has an autograph signing scheduled for Pro Championship Wrestling in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, October 22. Visit www.pcwwrestling.net for more information. — The following matches were taped last night in Orlando, Florida for upcoming episodes of TNA Xplosion: * Eric Young defends the TNA Television Championship against Doug Williams * AlexRead More

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Hogan Says Impact Is Hitting The Road In August; Jab At Jericho

Hulk Hogan wrote the following on Twitter this morning: Getting ready for 2days of IMPACT tapings in Orlando,can’t wait till August and we start going on the road every other taping. HH Hogan also says he turned down an offer to make a cameo in the new American Pie movie with the following: Just turned down a cameo for the new American Pie movie,they wanted me to dance,I told them they should get Jericho,not my deal brother. HHRead More

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Ultimate Warrior Comments On “Male Escort” Rumor; Hogan

– The Ultimate Warrior has responded to online rumors that he used to work as a male escort in the Atlanta area back in the 1980s before entering the pro wrestling business. Over the weekend, a fan asked Hulk Hogan on Twitter about the rumor, to which Hogan responded, “he was more than a male escort. You guys figure it out. HH” Warrior addressed the situation on Wednesday, effectively denying the reports and taking another shot at Hogan and his ex-wife, Linda: “Warrior God for ULTIMATE time. Demand is HIGH.Read More

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Hulk Hogan Denies Slamming Fans On Facebook

An inflammatory message being attributed to Hulk Hogan was posted yesterday on the wrestling legend’s Facebook account. The message read: “That’s good to know brother. But in reality it was a lot of you idiot fans that killed wcw with your lack of appreciation and support for everything we did for you. Funny enough a lot of you morons like TNA too. Go figure. HH” Hogan later denied writing the post, claiming it was done by a miscreant user. “Something so evil to hurt me or my fans.I assure youRead More
– Hulk Hogan refuted criticism that he “never jobs.” He wrote last Friday on Twitter in response to a fan alleging he would not agree to job to wrestlers below his level of stardom: “You mean like Billy Kidman, who beat me 3 weeks in a row. HH.” When asked about not jobbing to Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam 2005, he responded: “Vince is the only man that makes those decisions, that came from him. hbk didn’t want to job, not me. Bye, over it. HH.” — Mr. Anderson took aRead More
– TNA Wrestling has announced new June live event tour dates for Ohio and Indiana. Events are scheduled for Thursday, June 23 in Columbus, Ohio; Friday, June 24 in Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Saturday, June 25 in Troy, Ohio. More information is available here. — Matt Hardy was announced as a late addition for tonight and tomorrow night’s live events in Arkansas. — Jeff Jarrett commented on TNA Wrestling’s rebranding initiative today on Twitter. In response to a fan querying whether TNA will be renamed, he said the only changeRead More

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Mr. Anderson Likely Sidelined Until 2011, Hogan Weds, Mickie

– After suffering a concussion last month as a result of an accidental chair shot from Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson isn’t expected to return to the ring until early next year. With that being said, it’s been indicated that he’s feeling better and he may take part in some angles before then. — It would appear that Hulk Hogan has gotten married as he indicated the following yesterday on his Twitter account: “Sitting outside with my dogs and new awesome Mrs Hogan.the waves are crashing and life is beautiful.only positiveRead More