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William Regal isn’t the only wrestler speaking out about WWE’s new list of top 50 villains in pro wrestling history. Former WWE Champion JBL has a new blog up about the listing. He wrote: “I have to say the top 50 greatest heel list by WWE is pretty far off. Forget JBL, I’m too biased to comment on myself, after all who else has had to have a police escort out of a town like I had in El Paso in 2004? That is real heat-and has any heel hadRead More

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Mick Foley Comments On RAW, Vickie Gets Dolph, The Miz & More

- Mick Foley commented on his appearance on Monday’s WWE RAW Supershow tweeting, “Could anyone tell that those shoes were killing me? Thank goodness for my legendary pain tolerance!” Foley later tweeted, “SLATER IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN! Really enjoyed seeing @cyndilauper back in a WWE ring again. Great stuff with Cyndi and Hot Rod.” He also praised Alicia Fox, “I don’t think one can truly appreciate just how beautiful @AliciaFoxy is without an up-close viewing. Tough to even put a sentence together” – Vickie Guerrero commented on the storyline triangleRead More

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Piper Pushing Hard For A Pipers Pit With The Rock & John Cena

WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper is continuing his campaign to host John Cena and The Rock on Piper’s Pit before their upcoming showdown at WrestleMania 28 on 4/1. Piper tweeted the following on Monday morning: “Lets help the @WWE help themselves. @WWE needs a Pipers Pit, before WM 29, with The Rock & Cena. @WWE, IT’S ALL IN HOUSE, IT”S PERFECT!” “Help the @WWE help themselves. Put The Rock & Cena in Pipers Pit before WM 28!! I’ve been to alot of WM’s! WM28. IT’S ALL IN HOUSE!!Perfect!”Read More