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- Former WWE Superstar Tatanka confirmed online reports that he was contacted to appear on the historic 1,000th episode of Raw. However, he reveals, company officials never followed up on the matter with him. “Hello #TeamTatanka! Wished I could’ve surprised u all & brought back what we all love! @WWE called & office confirmed but no follow-up at end,” he wrote on Twitter. Tatanka adds he was disappointed with WWE’s efforts for the milestone program. “With such a Historic Event #RAW1000 I was surprised that the show was not moreRead More

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Christian Talks On Sprain Ankle Injury & The World Title Scene

Christian recently spoke with Corpus-Christi Caller about the severity of his ankle sprain suffered earlier this year which caused him to miss WrestleMania and a few months of action. “After talking with a couple different doctors, they said that on a scale of 1-10 of the severity of the sprain, it was a 10. It was as bad as it could have possibly been,” Christian told the Corpus-Christi Caller newspaper promoting Tuesday’s live Smackdown taping. “It was a little bit frustrating to say the least, but it’s just one ofRead More
WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian recently spoke with to promote this Sunday’s SmackDown live event at the US Cellular Coliseum in Bloomington, IL. Christian discussed teaming with Edge early in his career during the interview. “We kind of helped each other and pushed each toward the same goals,” Christian said. “We made each other better because we were on the same wavelength… we decided when the time was right for us to go our separate ways.” He also revealed the phone call he received from Edge when he found outRead More

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ThunderStruck: WWE Over The Limit 2012 Reaction

NC State got rocked for WWE’s third annual Over the Limit ppv event! This won’t be a very long reaction, but I’ll add more of my final thoughts in my new weekly rundown on Saturday. Let’s get to it: Kane defeated Zach Ryder on the preshow. ^Ryder gets buried, and Kane has no storyline just three weeks after his rivalry with Randy Orton ends. His match with Punk was really good on Smackdown; I wouldn’t mind seeing more of those two. I guess overall this was a better “free forRead More

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WWE WrestleMania 28 News; Title Changes & Attendance, More

- The dark match before WWE WrestleMania pay-per-view saw Primo and Epico retain the WWE Tag Team Titles against Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel and The Usos.   - As noted, Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan to become the new World Heavyweight Champion in just 18 seconds. reported that WWE wanted to break the record of the short Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero match a few years back and the plan had been in the works for some time.   - Big Show defeated Cody Rhodes to become the new IntercontinentalRead More

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Cody Rhodes Speaks On His Favorite WrestleMania Moment

L.A. Times is featuring an interview with current Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes. On the topic of which past moment at WrestleMania was his favorite he responded with the following.   “I’m going to pick a moment that I know nobody else would pick: ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage’s retirement match vs. the Ultimate Warrior. It wasn’t the match that was great, but Macho Man’s reuniting with Miss Elizabeth afterward. It was such a great moment and people in the stands were actually crying.”   Also in the interview Rhodes said thatRead More

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Match Announced For SD, Sheamus Against Bullying, CM Punk

– On behalf of ‘be a STAR,’ the anti-bullying alliance co-founded by WWE and The Creative Coalition, Sheamus paid a visit to ACES Mill Road School in North Haven, Connecticut Thursday to speak with students about the dangers of bullying. — CM Punk is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Power Slam. — Former WCW star The Maestro turns 38 years old Thursday. He continues to compete on the independent wrestling circuit as The Stro. — announced Thursday that SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long has grantedRead More

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Roddy Piper Threatens Physical Harm Against McMahon & HTM

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper posted a series of messages on Twitter Wednesday threatening physical harm against Vince McMahon and The Honky Tonk Man should he see them at WWE Legends’ House, a reality show premiering in 2012 on the WWE Network that will put eight to ten ‘Legends’ under one roof. The WWE Hall of Famer says he’ll give himself one day before he strangles the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all-time with a phone cord and that he may get “angel wings” for killing McMahon. “LEDGENS HOUSE! WHY ME! I’MRead More

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Randy Orton Knocks WWE’s Lack Of Depth, HTM Disputes Rumor

– The official Twitter feed of The Honky Tonk Man has once again disputed online rumors that the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all-time will take part in the WWE Network reality series WWE Legends’ House. “Are you going into the WWE legends house” No, haven’t been contacted,” the HTM Team wrote. “Piper started the rumour about HTM in the legends house. No beef with Piper.” — The February 2012 issue of WWE Magazine features an interview with Randy Orton and he is asked what he feels he still hasRead More

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Cody Rhodes Speaks On Restoring Honor To The IC Title & More

WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes spoke to this week to promote WWE’s upcoming return to the UK. Here are some highlights of what Cody said about: His Protective Face Mask: “It’s funny because things in sports entertainment get misconstrued. What we do is entertainment, but what happened with me was a little bit more than that. My nose was legitimately broken, my septum was horribly deviated, but it was the most lucky break I guess I ever had. I’m definitely not afraid to take it off and I’ve enjoyedRead More
It’s worth noting that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Shawn Michaels, who long harbored animosity towards each other, crossed paths during WrestleMania weekend. published a photo of Johnson and Michaels sharing a laugh shortly after HBK had appeared on stage at WrestleMania XXVII to commemorate his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. According to, their past animosity was actually settled in 2008 when Johnson inducted his father, Rocky Johnson, and grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia, into the WWE Hall of Fame. Johnson’s issues with Michaels dated backRead More

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JR Blog: Chyna-HOF, Talent Left Off The WM27 Card, WWE All Stars

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog update, which you can read in its entirety at Here are some highlights: Talent Left Off WrestleMania: “Wrestlemania is a complex time for many talents. Some fret about either not being on the card or being thrown a bone to simply make an appearance ala a battle royal, etc. That’s never been my personal philosophy. Being booked on Wrestlemania is an earned honor, a privilege, and not a performer’s right.” “Then there are those who are booked andRead More

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Duggan Ready For Royal Rumble, Nunzio Appears At SD Taping

– “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan is scheduled for an autograph signing this Sunday in Boston, the site of WWE’s annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view. While the WWE Legend says he hasn’t been asked to participate in the match, he tells that he is ready and willing if he gets the call. “You never know. I will be in Boston — the show is in Boston — I’ll be up there doing some other events not associated with the WWE so I might stop in but I always bring my gear,” heRead More
– conducted an interview with Dolph Ziggler’s younger brother, Ryan Nemeth, an aspiring wrestler. He was asked whether he would be interested in taking part in WWE’s revival of Tough Enough and what he thinks of critics who may brush him off as “just” the Intercontinental Champion’s younger brother. To read the interview, click here. — It was said to be “night and day” in regards to Triple H producing the announcers instead of Vince McMahon during WWE’s television events in England a few weeks ago—which the WWE chairmanRead More
– It has been confirmed that Sean Morley (a/k/a Val Venis) is returning to World Wrestling Entertainment, and it may occur as early as tonight’s Raw. The former Intercontinental Champion was spotted at a hotel in New York yesterday with other WWE talent. — Rey Mysterio was originally scheduled to face Alberto Del Rio at Saturday’s WWE Fan Appreciation Supershow in Hartford, Connecticut, but Triple H worked the bout instead. The SmackDown Superstar missed the event because he is dealing with an inner ear injury that is preventing him fromRead More