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WWE has launched a new website for recruiting talent, The website’s description reads: “WWE is looking for individuals that possess a number of unique attributes that, either by themselves or combined, play a role in the success of a WWE Superstar.” The following attributes are what WWE is looking for: Athletic: Willing and able to engage in intense, physically demanding activities on a daily basis. WWE is a highly athletic style of performance that requires individuals be in excellent physical condition. All prospective Talent are required to pass aRead More
Representatives from WWE and TNA had a conference yesterday regarding TNA’s lawsuit against WWE. There is a temporary injunction hearing set for July 11th. TNA still has a temporary restraining order against Brian Wittenstein and WWE. There was a big process where WWE’s servers, the laptops of John Laurinaitis and others were looked at by WWE IT for any wrongdoing. IT reported back that the TNA information from Wittenstein was not found on his company provided Blackberry or laptop. IT also went through their servers and e-mail boxes of 27Read More

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Sheamus Explains Why He Does Not Use Twitter last week did an interview with 2012 Royal Rumble winner Sheamus. Here is an excerpt from the interview when they talked about using Twitter. “My stance on Twitter right now is this. I understand how valuable a tool it is, it’s great and all. But to me, when I was growing up with WWE superstars, you didn’t have the instant access to them the way that people have to our superstars — or anyone in the pop culture environment now. It just seems that there’s too much direct access,Read More

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Madusa Comments On Possible WWE Return, The Mountie Profiled

– Former Intercontinental Champion The Mountie is profiled in’s latest “Where Are They Now?” feature. The wrestler formerly known as The Mountie recalls his early days in WWE and gives his account of jabbing The Dynamite Kid in the locker room. (Catching up with The Mountie: Part 1) — Madusa, who dropped the WWF Women’s Championship in a trash can during a live episode of WCW Monday Nitro in December 1995, indicated on her official website that she would not mind returning to World Wrestling Entertainment to bring closureRead More