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Posted On January 5, 2012By StaffIn News

Details On Chris Jericho’s WWE Negotiations, Return & Future

In the days following Chris Jericho’s “surprise” return to WWE this past Monday on RAW, new details are emerging surrounding Jericho’s negotiations with Vince McMahon, his segment on RAW and what’s planned for the former Undisputed champion in the months ahead. Jericho flew to WWE headquarters in Stanford, CT several weeks ago and met with Vince McMahon to plot his return, all while claiming that he would never work with WWE again. The cryptic videos hyping Jericho’s return were the idea of WWE’s Social Networking Department. Internally, several people feltRead More

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Chris Jericho Return News: “Silent” Storyline, Little Girl

There were a lot of people within WWE wondering why the company had Chris Jericho fly into a major airport over the weekend. Jericho was photographed at the airport and that photo circulated online on Monday, taking some of the surprise away from Jericho’s WWE return. WWE has taken extra measures in the past when it came to returning talents’ travel. No word on why they did not take the same steps with Jericho. We’ve heard that Chris Jericho’s name did not appear on the script for RAW – however,Read More

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Chris Jericho Returns To WWE On RAW

After being spotted with Abraham Lincoln and The Beatles – Chris Jericho was revealed to be the man behind the cryptic “It Begins” promo vidoes and made his long awaited debut to WWE television on Monday’s RAW. Jericho came out to his signature “Break The Walls Down” theme music and wore a flamboyant & illuminated studded black leather jacket. Jericho came to the ring and soaked up the huge reaction from an audience that appeared to be satisfied on WWE’s delivery of this latest surprise. Fans chanted “welcome back” toRead More
– On Monday’s RAW, we saw the third installment of the “It Begins” video trailers, with this week’s promo titled, “Look within.” According to a report on, insider sources continue to state that the person returning to WWE at the January 2nd edition of RAW from Memphis will be Chris Jericho. Some had speculated that the “It Begins” videos were leading up to the return of the Undertaker, but the latest on his return is that he won’t be back until after the Royal Rumble. — After The RockRead More

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WWE Releases Cryptic Video: “It Begins” On 1/2/2012

On Monday’s RAW, when WWE was showing one of the Twitter on-screen graphics, the image got fuzzy and briefly showed a URL to a Youtube channel – “It Begins 2012.” The URL revealed a cryptic video of a young student talking about something big occurring on Monday, January 2nd, 2012 – when RAW is live from Memphis, TN. The boy who was narrating the video said: “Come my people and shut thy doors about thee. For a power should come to punish the meek for their inequity. For on theRead More