Power Slam recently conducted an interview with Wayne Keown, better known as Dutch Mantel. Having been involved with the wrestling industry since 1973, he accepted a behind the scenes role with TNA Wrestling in 2003, where the company’s booking strategy often clashed with his own. Dutch discussed his experience with TNA and explained the organization’s booking philosophy. After you left the IWA in 2003, you took a job on the TNA creative team. Your booking philosophy was at odds with TNA’s during Vince Russo’s early years with the company andRead More

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IWA: October 2 Results, Añasco

IWA held their October 2 at the Municipal Coliseum at Añasco. The promotion reported the action as follow: 1-Barbie Boy defeated Enigma. 2-Zlade defeated Julian Jamrock. 3-Atomo & Sonico defeated Iron Wyre & Mike Dagger to win the spot to become the IWA Tag Team Tiltes challengers. After the match The Kongs (tag team champions) came and attacked The Kids Superheros (the name that the company gave Atomo and Sonico are as tag team) until Rick Stanley & Dennis Rodriguez did the save. 4-Xix Xavant defeated Renegado. 5-Savio Vega defeatedRead More

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Puerto Rican News: Events From October 1-3 Weekend

CWF Friday, October 1, Punta Diamante Arena, Ponce Saturday, October 2, Borinquen Urbanization, Cabo Rojo EBW Saturday, October 2, Ponderosa Sector Arena, Vega Alta EBW Title: Jay Velez vs. Samuel Adams Psycho vs. Iron Eagle vs. Arturo Brada Taurus vs. Manny Mendoza Slayer vs. Madland Killer Shining Starvs. Lady Ghost ILW Sunday, October 3, Guerrero Mora Arena, Isabela IWA NIGHT OF CHAMPOIONS Saturday, October 2, Municipal Coliseum, Añasco Puerto Rican Title & IWA Title vs. Tag Team Titles: Dennis Rivera & Rick Stanley vs. The Kongs Winners become Tag TeamRead More