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Posted On May 16, 2012By Geddy CahoonIn Columns

The Cahoon Run Down: Random WWE Thoughts

Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here with another edition of The Cahoon Run Down. I’ll make a long story short: There’s not much going on in WWE these days. At least, nothing I could possibly make an entire article out of. That and I think that the length of time I’ve been doing this for is finally catching up with me and it’s getting more and more difficult to write something original and entertaining each week. I’d rather not write at all than phone it in week in week out, andRead More

Posted On April 21, 2012By Eric MartinezIn Columns

What Happened to the Memories?

In the vast universe of professional wrestling one question presents itself at various times; Do we ruin the experience for ourselves? This question partially pertains to the so-called Internet Wrestling Community or IWC, the infamous association of professional wrestling fans, and the Internet itself. The Internet has become one of the greatest inventions ever seen in the world. While it has become a tool for connecting with other individuals, it has also damaged the mysticism that is professional wrestling. I ask the reader to go back to the time whenRead More

Posted On November 29, 2011By Daniel PenaIn News

Chris Masters Campaigning To Join TNA, Hogan High On Garett

– Former WWE star Chris Masters has begun a Twitter campaign to encourage TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter to bring him to her organization. “I think @tnadixie needs some encouragement. Can I rally the IWC. For all those who support me, let her know!” He wrote, “For anyone who’s ever felt like an underdog, who’s ever tried to make nothing into something. and worked their ass off. This is my battlecry!” — Madison Rayne has been announced for K & S Wrestlefest, which takes place this Saturday at the RamadaRead More

Posted On June 2, 2011By Owen PattersonIn News

Internet Wrestling Fans Respond To Eric Bischoff’s Rant

Here are some fan responses to Eric Bischoff’s latest rant on the internet fanbase: Stephmartinb: @EBischoff don’t listen to all the haters and their bs! You obviously know what ur doing. You’ve been on top b4. You’ll be back in no time! trtx84: @EBischoff So you declare “Wrestling Matters” to attract IWCers mad at WWE, then call them irrelevant? Shoot yourself in the foot much? littlebucko: @EBischoff Irrelevant? Uh, that’s funny coming from a guy who’s been irrelevant for over ten years. On top of that, when you WERE relevant,Read More
- TNA superstar, A.J. Styles, turned 34 today. His birthday is June 2, 1977. – TNA Knockout, Velvet Sky, is 30 today as her birthday is June 2, 1981. – Eric Bischoff posted the following on his official Twitter page (@EBischoff): “Seems like 90% of the audience loves what the loudest 10% hates. So who really matters? The 10%er’s can’t get over the fact that they are irrelevant. Ratings don’t lie. Research doesn’t lie. IWC smarks need to get over it.”Read More