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Posted On March 6, 2012By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Edge Talks About Christian Inducting Him, Rock’s WWE Return

Former WWE superstar Edge appeared on The Big J Show radio show (KRSQ Hot 101.9) this week to hype his upcoming movie “Bending The Rules” and his induction into the WWE’s Hall of Fame. Here are some highlights of what Edge said about: Bending The Rules movie: “It stars me and Jamie Kennedy who, like me, is a complete idiot. It was an interesting process. I had done stuff before, but nothing to this extent where I was like one of the stars of the movie. I don’t look atRead More

Posted On February 16, 2012By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Edge’s WWE Studios Movie, Tajiri’s Promotion, Ryder, More

- As noted before, former WWE star Tajiri’s SMASH promotion in Japan will be folding after their March 14th show at Korakuen Hall – their second anniversary show. The official word on why they are closing is creative differences in management but SMASH has been the victim of a bad post-earthquake economy where people aren’t spending money on entertainment like they were. There were reportedly problems between Tajiri and the person funding the company over their opinions on the direction of the company. – There will be a WWE EliminationRead More