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- Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling show drew a 1.15 rating, up from 1.06 the previous week. The show averaged 1.717 million viewers, the largest audience for Impact since February 23. – Radio host Mike Jones of Washington DC’s DC101 spoke to TNA star Jeff Hardy this week to promote TNA’s upcoming BaseBrawl show from the Prince George Stadium next Saturday night, September 1st. Jeff talks about his part in the Bound for Glory Series, learning something new everyday at TNA and how he loves his lawn. Here’s audio of theRead More
Kirby Mack (a/k/a Stan Stansky) and Stoney Hooker (a/k/a Arthur Rosenberg), who faced Ryback in a Handicap Match on the June 4, 2012 episode of Raw, recalled their WWE experience in an interview with The Do Your J.O.B. Wrestling Hour. Highlights from the interview are as follows: The process being selected to face Ryback: “Before we got there I got a call from a buddy of mine who runs High Velocity Wrestling who was in contact with the WWE and they called him and said we are looking for 2Read More
Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling saw Robbie E. defeat AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam to earn 7 points in the Bound For Glory Series. Mr. Anderson also defeated Bully Ray to earn 7 points. During the Impact post-show, Jeremy Borash announced that Bully Ray beat AJ Styles in a match taped for Xplosion, earning another 7 points. The BFG Series is close to ending but here are the updated standings and remaining matches: Matches Left: * James Storm vs. RVD * Bully Ray vs. RVD * Samoa JoeRead More
- Now that this weekend’s live events are over, we have a better idea of the final Bound For Glory Series matches. Both Magnus and Daniels are done in the competition that ends on September 6th. Here are the matches left: * Rob Van Dam vs. Bully Ray, James Storm, The Pope * Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson, RVD, AJ Styles * AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray, The Pope, Samoa Joe * Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe * Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles * Mr. AndersonRead More
Thursday’s Impact Wrestling saw Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy each earned 7 points in the ongoing Bound For Glory series for winning their matches. Samoa Joe regained the #2 spot in the rankings, trailing James Storm by just 5 points. Here are the updated standings: 1. James Storm – 66 points 2. Samoa Joe – 61 points 3. Rob Van Dam – 55 points 4. Kurt Angle – 48 points 5. Bully Ray – 48 points 6. AJ Styles – 43 points 7. Jeff Hardy – 42 pointsRead More
- Jeff Hardy’s contract with TNA expires in February 2013. Hardy, who is by far TNA’s top merchandise seller, is described by nearly everyone as having made an amazing turnaround and it’s said that he’s always clear-headed at the TNA shows. For what it’s worth, some independent wrestling promoters have been told that dates with Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy would be able to be booked in February. – Kenny King has indeed signed a contract with TNA. Mason Andrews, formerly known as Scorpio Sky, is rumored to have signedRead More

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Photo: TNA Bound For Glory 2012 Promotional Poster

TNA president Dixie Carter released the PPV poster for Bound for Glory in October. The poster features the joker version of Sting as the center feature, followed by BFG Series leaders James Storm and Kurt Angle. In the second row is TNA World Champion Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. The back row has fellow BFG Series competitors Jeff Hardy and A.J. Styles, plus Chavo Guerrero.Read More
- Former WWE star Rikishi noted on Twitter that some of his Knox Pro students will be working the post-SummerSlam WWE tryout later this month. WWE developmental star Alexander Rusev previously trained at Rikishi’s school. – After sharing a flight with Sting earlier this week on their way to Orlando, Jim Ross ran into another TNA star at the Orlando airport this week – Jeff Hardy. Ross wrote on Twitter: “Nice seeing & visiting w/ Jeff Hardy in Orlando Airport. I’m happy he’s happy. 1 of my favs.” – FormerRead More
- Here is the updated TNA Bound For Glory Series standings following Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling: 1. James Storm – 66 points 2. Samoa Joe – 54 points 3. Kurt Angle – 48 points 4. Mr. Anderson – 40 points 5. Jeff Hardy – 35 points 5. Rob Van Dam – 35 points 6. Daniels – 33 points 7. Bully Ray – 28 points 8. Magnus – 21 points 9. AJ Styles – 16 points 10. The Pope – 7 points 11. Robbie E. – 5 pointsRead More

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Thunder’s Top Summerslam Matches Part 4

Welcome to part four of my top Summerslam matches! I’ve listed the matches from parts one, two, and three before looking at 20-11. Enjoy! 50. 1994 – Undertaker vs Undertaker 49. 2008 – CM Punk vs JBL for the World Heavyweight Championship 48. 2003 – Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship 47. 1991 – Virgil vs Ted Dibiase for the Million Dollar Championship 46. 2010 – The Nexus vs Team WWE 45. 1993 – Lex Luger vs Yokozuna for the WWE Championship 44. 1997 – Undertaker vs Bret HartRead More
- Following Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, here’s the updated standings for TNA’s Bound For Glory Series: 1. James Storm – 52 points 2. Samoa Joe – 47 points 3. Kurt Angle – 41 points 4. Mr. Anderson – 40 points 5. Jeff Hardy – 28 points 5. Rob Van Dam – 28 points 6. Daniels – 26 points 7. Bully Ray – 21 points 7. Magnus – 21 points 8. AJ Styles – 16 points 9. The Pope – 7 points 10. Robbie E – 5 pointsRead More
Emmy winning entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet interviews TNA superstar Jeff Hardy on Cleveland’s CBS-19. He talks about his face paint, why he is so open about his suspensions, whether he regrets any high risk moves and who he thinks is the best in the world.Read More

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TNA Video Game In The Works?, BFG Series Update, Rosita & More

- Saturday night’s TNA live event in Brooklyn, NY saw Mr. Anderson defeat Robbie E for 7 points in the Bound For Glory Series while AJ Styles defeated Jeff Hardy for 7 points. Friday’s live event saw Rob Van Dam get 7 points by defeating Robbie E and Jeff Hardy get 7 points by defeating Mr. Anderson. – TNA cameras were filming footage with some of the talents on Coney Island this weekend. – NYC DJ Peter Rosenberg made a special appearance at last night’s TNA live event in Brooklyn.Read More
- Below is the updated TNA Bound For Glory Series standings coming out of last night’s Impact: 1. Samoa Joe – 47 points 2. James Storm – 43 points 3. Kurt Angle – 27 points 4. Mr. Anderson – 23 points 5. Jeff Hardy – 21 points 6. Rob Van Dam – 14 points 6. Magnus – 14 points 7. Daniels – 12 points 8. AJ Styles – 7 points 8. Bully Ray – 7 points 8. The Pope – 7 points 9. Robbie E – 5 points – AfterRead More
- Abyss will compete in a Steel Cage Gauntlet at this Saturday night’s OVW Saturday Night Special event at the Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky. – Chris Sabin will be answering fan questions on TNA’s Impact Wrestling Twitter tonight before Impact hits the air. – The following is confirmed for tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling: * The Bound For Glory location will be revealed * The final showdown between Austin Aries and Bobby Roode before their Destination X match * AJ Styles reacts to the accusation from Daniels regarding ClaireRead More

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Hulk Hogan Comments On The Release Of Angelina Love, More

- A fan on Twitter asked Hulk Hogan how he could allow Angelina to leave TNA. Hogan replied, “It’s not our decision, who works at TNA is a decision that comes from the TNA office in Nashville.” Accused of ruining the Knockouts division, Hogan said, “Love leaving is not my decision.” – TNA has released a commemorative “10 year anniversary coin” at ShopTNA. – Robbie E has a new blog up on Spike TV’s website titled, Robbie E’s Sensitive Side. In the blog he talks about the 5 ways toRead More
- Former WWE Women’s Champion Sable, who is 44-years-old, will soon become a grandmother. Her 21-year-old daughter Mariah is pregnant with her first child and expected to give birth in September, reports – The June 8 episode of WWE Vintage Collection featured the following matches: Blitzkrieg vs. Super Calo (WCW Saturday Night – March 20, 1999), Matt Hardy vs. Billy Kidman (WWE No Way Out 2003), The Rockers vs. The Orient Express (WWF live event – June 17, 1990), Jeff Hardy vs. X-Pac (WWF King of the Ring 2001),Read More

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FATP Special:- TNA Slammiversary X Preview

It’s that time of month where I preview TNA’s latest PPV offering, which just happens to be their 10th Slammiversary event. Their last PPV was an excellent show, so they’ve got a lot to live up to tomorrow night. Judging by the quality of their latest TV shows, that shouldn’t be a problem. Impact has been consistently better than Raw or Smackdown for the last several weeks. In case you haven’t heard, current WWE Intercontinental Champion, and former TNA superstar, Christian will be appearing live at the PPV tomorrow nightRead More

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TNA Announces New Monthly PPV Series: “Unfinished Business”

TNA Wrestling issued the following press release today: TNA’S IMPACT WRESTLING LAUNCHES NEW VIDEO ON DEMAND PAY-PER-VIEW CONTENT STARTING IN JUNE! CHECK YOUR CABLE AND SATELLITE “VIDEO ON DEMAND” LISTINGS FOR AVAILABILITY NASHVILLE, TN- (June 8, 2012) — TNA IMPACT WRESTLING announced new video on demand Pay-Per-View content starting in June. “TNA Greatest Moments” is a three-hour program taking a look back at the events that shaped TNA featuring Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Sting, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, RVD and many more of your favorite Stars. Check your cable orRead More