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Backstage News On The Rock vs. John Cena, WWE Diva Tryout

- Independent women’s wrestler Buggy Nova received another tryout match against AJ Lee at this month’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Fresno, California. Earlier this year at the RAW in Anaheim, WWE officials had Nova do promo work and brought her back at the SmackDown tapings the next night, where she completed a physical, did a photo shoot and wrestled AJ Lee. She also took part in a WWE/Kmart commercial with Sheamus and Lizzy Valentine. – The verbal battle between The Rock and John Cena on Monday’s RAW Supershow from PortlandRead More

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Tons Of Official Rare WWE Merchandise Sale At Major Low Prices

- We recently put a bunch of rare WWE merchandise items up on eBay for auction starting at very low prices. Merchandise includes WWE Hoodies, WWE Jumpers, WWE Baseball Jerseys, WWE T-Shirts, WWE Baseball Caps, WWE Bags, featuring Steve Austin, John Cena, Triple H, WWE Legends and more. You can check out the auction at ( Rare WWE Merchandise Sale – Tons Of WWE Gear At Major Low Prices! [>>]Read More

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WWE Raw Results – February 27, 2012

- Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow opens up with a promo for John Cena vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 28 before we get the standard opening video. – We’re live from the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon as Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW. We’re just 34 days away from WrestleMania 28. Jerry Lawler hypes The Rock’s return. CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan We go to the ring first thing and out comes the WWE Champion CM Punk. We get a replay from last Tuesday’s SmackDown with Bryan vs. Punk. PunkRead More

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Champion vs. Champion Match On Raw?, Cena & Lesnar At Event

– The official Twitter feed of Raw Interim General Manager and WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis posted a message suggesting a rematch between WWE Champion CM Punk and World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan on Monday’s Raw SuperShow. The statement reads, “Mulling rematch for @CMPunk & @WWEDanielBryan on #Raw. Unlike @GMSmackDown, Mr. Excitement will give WWE Universe what they want.” It would be their third encounter in four weeks. Bryan won the first match by disqualification while last week’s bout on SuperSmackDown LIVE! was ruled a draw.Read More

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Video: CM Punk Talks “The Promo,” Cena, Smart Fans, Jericho

New York City DJ Peter Rosenberg scored another exclusive interview with a top WWE superstar this week – none other than WWE Champion CM Punk. In this candid 20-minute 1-on-1 interview, Rosenberg and Punk talk in-depth about “The Promo” from last summer that changed CM Punk’s career more than he could have ever imagined, their philosophies on the business, working with John Cena, smart fans, Chris Jericho, Mark Herny and much more.Read More
– A match involving the WWE Divas is expected to take place WrestleMania XXVIII although some company officials are against utilizing the women for the sake of it since the affair would take away time from the bouts people are most interested in seeing. It’s also been suggested as the pre-show dark match. — The February 18, 2012 episode of A.M. Raw scored a 0.64 cable rating with 755,000 viewers. — In light of her actions involving John Cena and Zack Ryder on Monday’s Raw SuperShow, Eve addressed fans duringRead More

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Possible WWE Over The Limit PPV Matches Revealed, Promo Video

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title is being advertised for May’s WWE Over the Limit pay-per-view from Raleigh, North Carolina. Kris sent along the following promotional video for Over the Limit which also teases John Cena getting a WWE Title shot:Read More

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John Cena’s Promo From Raw Video & The Rock’s Response

The Rock has responded to John Cena’s promo from RAW, tweeting on Tuesday: “@JohnCena @WWE The truth comes out this Monday. John you have no idea.” The Rock is scheduled for RAW next week and will be appearing on RAW regularly through the night after WrestleMania 28. During his most recent blog, Jim Ross called John Cena’s RAW promo the best of his entire career, stating, “Cena spoke from the heart and I’m certain meant every word that he said. Cena’s words stepped away from the world of entertainment andRead More

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Details On Eve’s Heel Turn, Mick Foley’s Career Regrets, Kofi-Cole

- On Monday’s RAW, we saw a full-on heel turn from WWE diva Eve, who admitted to the Bella Twins that she is nothing more than a manipulating bimbo. Eve said she was never interested in Zack Ryder – she used him to climb the social ranks and get to the biggest fish in the pond – John Cena, who overheard the entire conversation. Eve tried everything she could do to convince John Cena that it was all a big misunderstanding, but she was carried away from Cena crying hystericallyRead More

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Triple H Praised Backstage, Cena Trash Talks The Rock Again

- Triple H has received a lot of praise backstage for his promo work, according to – John Cena re-tweeted a fan’s comment predicting what The Rock’s promo on next Monday’s RAW would sound like: “prediction 4 rock promo – 1999 catchphrase, insult Cena, catchphrase, sniff the air, eyebrow, say electrify – leave till mid march” Cena followed up with the following: “Im pretty sure that’s close to accurate. Prove me wrong movie star. Ill be waiting in nike town.”Read More

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One Count Kickout – Heartbroken: John Cena

Follow @OneCountKickout on Twitter Like the One Count Kickout on Facebook And I’m here to remind you Rocky of the mess you left when you went away It’s not fair to deny me of the cross I bear that you gave to me You, you, you oughta know… ‘Cause the joke that you laid on the bed that was me And I’m not gonna fade as soon as you close your eyes, and you know it And every time I scratch my nails down someone else’s back I hope youRead More
Blowin’ Smoke with Kemper Jones 02/21/2012 Cena, Your Argument is Weak John Cena has a Wrestlemania resume to be extremely proud of. Eight years ago, John Cena won the United States championship at Wrestlemania XX. It was at that same event that The Rock had his final match (until this past Survivor Series). Cena was two years into his WWE run. Only a year later, he captured the WWE Championship from JBL at Wrestlemania 21. Since then, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Edge, The Big Show, and Batista have fallen inRead More

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Eve Torres Talks About Kissing John Cena, Backlash On Twitter has published a pseudo-shoot interview with Eve regarding her abrupt kissing session with John Cena in front of Zack Ryder on Monday’s Raw SuperShow as well as the backlash on Twitter. “I never intended for anything bad to happen to Zack,” Torres said. “How this turned out is not how I intended. I acted in the moment – we all make mistakes. I can’t really say I’m sorry, but isn’t it better to be honest than to lead Zack on?” Torres received an avalanche of angry messages on Twitter,Read More

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The Rock & John Cena Talk More Trash To Each Other On Twitter

John Cena and The Rock are at it again. The Rock posted the following Valentines Day message for John Cena on Tuesday: “@JohnCena Happy Valentines Day John. You may not be my girl, but I do consider you my bitch. #BootsToCenasPinkParts” John Cena responded to The Rock with a comeback that involves Cena-branded tampons and .. feminine wash: “For those that didn’t get the “pink part” thing he once again is re referencing my mangina. So I propose this… Cena tampons. “That time of the month got u feeling bad,Read More

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JR Blog: Rock & Cena Have Legit Heat, Undertaker’s Haircut & More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in it entirety at Here are some highlights of what JR wrote about: Orton’s Elimination Chamber Replacement: “Saw on where Santino was replacing Orton in the Smackdown elimination chamber bout. That’s a jaw dropper.” Cena & The Rock’s Legit Beef: “For those who seriously think that Rock and Cena are pals, think again. Go back to 2008 and listen to Rock’s comments at the WWE HOF regarding John Cena. That was almost four yearsRead More

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Ratings Breakdown For Raw – CM Punk vs. The Miz Scores Low

The February 13, 2012 episode of the Raw SuperShow averaged 4.14 million viewers for a 3.01 cable rating. The prior week’s show garnered a 3.25 cable rating and averaged 4.62 million viewers. In the segment-by-segment breakdown, the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Debate that kicked off Raw drew a 2.93 rating. From there, Chris Jericho’s match against Kofi Kingston lost 49,000 viewers. Backstage segments with John Cena, Zack Ryder, John Laurinaitis and David Otunga lost 24,000 viewers. Randy Orton taking on Big Show gained 93,000 viewers. The advertised return of ShawnRead More
– Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has declined an offer to star in the sequel to The Tooth Fairy. The film is now planned for a straight-to-video release with Larry The Cable Guy in a starring role. Johnson has signed on for The Fast and The Furious 6, which is set for release next year. — Lilian Garcia has released her latest single, Ur Girl (Til the End of the World) via iTunes. A preview of the song is available here. The song is her entrance theme at WWE events. —Read More

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Live SD Scheduled For April, Cut Wrestler Expected To Return

– The official website of the Hampton Coliseum is advertising the Tuesday, April 10, 2012 SmackDown show as a live broadcast. Advertised for the live audience is Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show in a No Disqualification and No Count Out Match for the World Heavyweight Championship and Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett in a Street Fight Match. — The May 1, 2012 SmackDown taping will be held at the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio. — Tommy Dreamer turns 41 years old Tuesday while Nelson Frazier (a/k/a Viscera, Big Daddy V)Read More

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Rematch Announced For SmackDown, 2/10 SmackDown Rating

– It was announced during tonight’s Raw SuperShow that in a rematch from last week’s SmackDown, World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan will face Randy Orton on this Friday’s show. — The February 10, 2012 episode of SmackDown scored a 2.17 cable rating with 3,261,000 viewers. The previous week’s show did a 2.19 cable rating with 3,194,000 viewers. — The Rock and John Cena are featured on the cover of the latest issue of Pro Wrestling. Visit to see the cover. — WWE did not hold a dark match priorRead More