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– Shawn Michaels shots multiple interviews for upcoming WWE Network programming Monday. He tweeted, “WWE Network crew is here setting up. Multiple interviews apparently for various programming. Do I have to pay to get the channel? :-)” He wrote four hours later, “Holy cow that was a long interview!!” — Millennium Wrestling Federation’s show on March 24, 2012 in Melrose, Massachusetts at Memorial Hall is billed as the farewell show in the area with Paul Bearer and John Cena, Sr. advertised. — is accepting pre-orders for a T-Shirt madeRead More

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More Anti-John Cena T-Shirts Sold At WWE Shows, Ryder’s Dad

- As previously reported, WWE began selling their first anti-John Cena merchandise at this weekend’s live events. An image leaked online on Saturday of a “Cena Sucks” t-shirt. We can now confirm WWE has yet another anti-Cena shirt for sale: a shirt that reads, “We Can’t See You” with a picture of John Cena’s face X’d out. According to correspondents who were at WWE’s live events this weekend, WWE’s two new anti-Cena shirts sold very well. – Zack Ryder’s dad and his friend Big O were in the crowd forRead More

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WWE Puts Anti-Cena T-Shirt Up For Sale, Austin Turns 47, More

– WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin turns 47 years old today while seven-time WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus turns 36. — Daniel Bryan and Kelly Kelly appear at KMART 5100 Sinclair Lane, Baltimore, Maryland today beginning at noon. The autograph signing is limited to the first 300 people and a wristband policy is in effect. Call 410-483-3500 for more information. — The latest special edition issue of WWE Magazine is the year in photos. The tagline reads “2011’s Most Epic Pictures Inside!” — WWE has begun sellingRead More

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Mark Henry Taken To The Hospital, WWE Hypes Rock vs. Cena

– Brian James (a/k/a Road Dogg), who now works as a producer for WWE, stated Thursday morning on Twitter that World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry was en route to the hospital. He wrote, “Mark Henry, on his way to hospital.” James later clarified that Henry was getting his ankle scoped. —’s pre-sale code for the February 13, 2012 Raw SuperShow at Valley View Casino Center is CENA. The pre-sale is ongoing. Tickets go on sale to the general public this Saturday at noon. — The latest issue of WWERead More

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Photo: Masked Kane Returns To WWE On Raw Supershow

For those who missed Raw, Kane made his WWE return during the main event and attacked John Cena. Kane returned wearing a new mask, then removed it after he attacked John Cena to reveal yet another new mask underneath.Read More

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Rey Mysterio Presents 2011 Superstar Of The Year Slammy Award

CM Punk won the Slammy Award for “2011 Superstar of the Year” tonight, beating out Alberto Del Rio, John Cena, Mark Henry, The Miz and Mark Henry. The award was presented by a returning Rey Mysterio who is currently out with a knee injury.Read More

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Mick Foley On John Cena Heel Turn, This Is Your Life, More

Part 3 of the interview conducted by Arda Ocal of the Score Television Network with Mick Foley has been released. Some highlights from this segment: His thoughts on the crowd reactions recently on John Cena today, and his thoughts on the notion by some in the WWE Universe that Cena needs to “turn heel”: “There’s one part of me that would like to see him really turn, and turn it on. But I think the moment he did that, the people who hated him would start to hate him less,Read More

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*Spoilers* 2011 WWE Tribute To The Troops Taping Results

- Thanks to Byron and Angela for the following spoilers from last night’s WWE Tribute to the Troops tapings in Fayetteville, North Carolina. These will air December 14th on the USA Network and December 17th on NBC. * The Crown Coliseum was just about packed to the max and the crowd was hot all night. * The dark match was Santino Marella beating Jinder Mahal who played the heel to the Troops. * Lilian Garcia stunned everyone with the Star Spangled Banner to open the show. * After a TroopsRead More

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Batista Rips John Cena For Killing Hardcore, Edgy Wrestling

Former WWE superstar Batista appeared on The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show this week and had some interesting comments about John Cena. To listen to an audio clip of Batista’s appearance, visit the Chad Dukes website. Many fans have expressed their dislike of today’s sterilized “PG” product – and Batista blames John Cena for the change. “I think, you know, they did the whole PG direction thing, I think that works for Cena; the little kids love him, cause he’s a great character, he’s someone they can look up to. TheRead More
– On Monday’s RAW, we saw the third installment of the “It Begins” video trailers, with this week’s promo titled, “Look within.” According to a report on, insider sources continue to state that the person returning to WWE at the January 2nd edition of RAW from Memphis will be Chris Jericho. Some had speculated that the “It Begins” videos were leading up to the return of the Undertaker, but the latest on his return is that he won’t be back until after the Royal Rumble. — After The RockRead More

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Randy Orton Talks Retirement, His Favorite Feud, Dream Match

Randy Orton was recently interviewed by To read the full interview, head over to to promote the new WWE ’12 video game. Here are some highlights of what Orton said about: His Favorite Rivalry In WWE: “John Cena in ’09. I had a four month storyline where we exchanged titles. We had a memorable “Iron Man” match, and we traded wins and losses. I’m the anti-John Cena. If he’s kissing babies, wearing necklaces, then I’m doing the opposite. He’s a beast in the gym, and beast on the mic.Read More

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WWE Raw Results – December 5, 2011

- Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow opens up with the pyro going off inside the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida. Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW and is joined by Jerry Lawler. – We go right to the ring and out comes John Cena to a mixed reaction. Cena talks about last week’s RAW and thanks Roddy Piper for telling how he felt about Cena last week. Cena talks about how each and every fan has earned the right to tell him how they feel about him. Cena invitesRead More

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Candidates Announced For WWE Superstar Of The Year

The Miz, John Cena, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry and WWE Champion CM Punk have been announced as the candidates for the WWE “Superstar of the Year” for next week’s 2011 Slammy Awards.Read More

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Jim Ross Thinks Steve Austin Will Wrestle One More Match

Jim Ross believes Steve Austin will compete in one more match, but doesn’t foresee it happening at WrestleMania XXVIII. “I think he still has the itch to do one more match,” Ross said Wednesday during an appearance on 1560 The Game. “His health is better—there’s certain things he may not be able to do physically —but he’s in great shape.” “A year ago, I would have said there would be no more Austin matches. I’ve loosened my stance on that a little bit now. I think somewhere down the road—IRead More

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Viewership Plummets During Raw, Maryse Appearing At Indy Show

– The November 28, 2011 episode of the Raw SuperShow scored a 3.2 cable rating, with 4,483,000 viewers. The show saw a significant drop in viewers as the first hour drew a 3.33 before plummeting to a 3.07 in the second. The show lost 296,000 viewers over the course of the second hour. Furthermore, most network programming was in repeats not to mention that Monday Night Football, which scored a 10.73 cable rating, was a blowout in the second half. — Jerry Lawler will be interviewed Thursday on The BobRead More

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Bull Buchanan On Returning To Raw, Teaming With Big Boss Man

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) and Jimmy Korderas (@jimmykorderas) of #AftermathRadio on and iTunes chat with former WWE superstar Bull Buchanan. Highlights: His wrestling school “B2 Wrestling School; what his thoughts are on the next generation superstars in professional wrestling today and getting trained in wrestling the right way: “There’s just a lack of places for guys to go, If you can find someone to train you, you go right to the big show which is WWE. There’s lots of indy promotions out there, but there’s a big difference doing thisRead More
Speaking to SLAM! Wrestling, Maryse Ouellet is looking forward to the future as she had been looking to leave the professional wrestling industry for a while. “I just want better and bigger and I want to be performing on the big screen, I am working on a big project called House Of Maryse, which will be launching in summer 2012. It will be my clothing and jewelery selection and will be available in more than 500 stores in the U.S. and online at,” she says. “I knew in myRead More

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Maryse Ouellet Too Hot For PG WWE, Has No Plans On Joining TNA

Regarding Maryse Ouellet’s departure from WWE last month, the Wrestling Observer reports that company officials had been looking to cut ties with the French-Canadian glamour model for over a year since she did not fit their commitment to wholesome, family-friendly, PG content. Her “history of non-PG activity” was of concern to WWE executives, The Observer notes. Ouellet was not initially endeavored due to her relationship with The Miz. WWE parted ways with Ouellet shortly after she asked to be released from her contract. Friends of Ouellet say she lost interestRead More

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What Happened After Raw, No Jonah Hill & Brodus Clay On Raw

– Despite being advertised as the special guest star of Monday’s WWE Raw, actor Jonah Hill did not appear. No word yet on why he was not there. — Also advertised for RAW but not there was Brodus Clay. This is the third straight week where he’s been advertised and hasn’t returned. Recently, the “Michael Cole Challenge” was scheduled for RAW and was delayed three weeks as well. — After Monday’s WWE RAW Supershow from Hershey, PA went off the air, there was a six-man tag-team match featuring Dolph Ziggler,Read More