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Kenn Doane, who labored as Kenny of the Spirit Squad and Kenny Dykstra for WWE from 2006 to 2008, blames an affair between John Cena and Mickie James for ruining his relationship with the former Diva and costing him his job. While discussing the matter to, Doane revealed that Cena was having a second affair with a then-WWE Diva who was married to a man not involved with the professional wrestling industry. Though Doane did not specify the Diva in question, a clue he gave implicated Lisa Marie Varon,Read More
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at As always, you can check out JR’s amazing line of BBQ products at Here are some highlights of what JR wrote about: Money In The Bank: ” The upcoming MITB bouts are interesting. One will be dotted with former Champions while the other will have a different selection of talents looking to turn heads and maximize their minutes in a high profile bout. These are dangerous bouts and based onRead More
Another wrestler has come forward with claims that John Cena was unfaithful to his wife. Kris Katera, who worked with WWE as enhancement talent Chris Wellman and an extra from 2006 to 2010, vouches for Kenn Doane’s allegations toward the Cenation Commander-in-Chief. “I worked with WWE on and off from 2006-2010 and can back up most everything you say about Cena and his cheating ways man!” he tweeted to Doane on Wednesday. Doane, who labored as Kenny of the Spirit Squad and Kenny Dykstra for WWE from 2006 to 2008,Read More
Randy Orton was asked by a fan on Twitter this morning how home was treating him during his time off from WWE. Orton replied that he has been strength training with a trainer four times a week. Orton added that it feels good to be refreshed but he’s ready to return. Orton took more fan questions and confirmed that his punt kick was banned. He also joked that Brodus Clay is his dream opponent. One fan asked Orton if it was true that he was smoking marijuana. Orton replied, “IRead More

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WWE RAW Results – June 25, 2012

- Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow kicks off with the normal intro video. We get a vignette looking at AJ Lee’s involvement in the feud between CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane. – AJ is backstage with what appears to be Daniel Bryan, Kane and CM Punk. She’s asked them here. She tells Bryan they’re going to have to drift apart. She says she loses all inhibitions when she sees Kane and just wants to get wild. AJ says she would like to be soul mates with Punk but she isn’tRead More
- Yahoo! Sports has picked up on the story of John Cena granting his 300th wish through the Make-A-Wish foundation. Their story notes that WWE had to rearrange Cena’s entire schedule to make sure it happened and that Cena is determined to grant 1000 wishes. – will be closing down on August 1st, 2012. The website currently handles all the European orders for WWE merchandise. All future orders will be fulfilled by which may results in higher shipping costs placed in Europe. To lower their inventory, the websiteRead More

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Kenn Doane Says John Cena Is The “Tiger Woods” Of WWE & More

Former WWE superstar Kenn Doane spoke with and spoke about a number of controversial topics, including John Cena being the “Tiger Woods” of WWE and breaking up his engagement to Mickie James (which led to the demise of Doane & James’ WWE careers), Cena trying to get Randy Orton fired from WWE, his experience in the Spirit Squad, how WWE has changed since he left in 2008 and much more. Note From Kenn: “First and foremost before reading this interview if your going to say “Your a cheerleader” orRead More

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Adzop: Waiting for a Revolution? Take Action.

Every single week, I watch Raw, hoping (not expecting, but hoping) to see something fun, enjoyable, entertaining, emotional, spontaneous, or surprising. The reason I don’t expect it anymore is because the show has become so stale that these kinds of things rarely happen anymore. After somewhat reluctantly purchasing the most recent Pay-Per-View, ‘No Way Out’, I watched in the hope of seeing some major storyline development in more than one area of WWE. Whilst the only match I looked forward to was the WWE Title Match, I was expecting anRead More

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TMZ Reports John Cena’s Wife Believes He Cheated On Her are reporting the following: John Cena’s estranged wife is convinced … the WWE superstar was bangin’ around behind her back during the marriage … and now she’s on a mission to prove it in court. TMZ broke the story … John blindsided his high school sweetheart Liz Cena with divorce papers back in May after 3 years of marriage. Now, Liz’s attorney Raymond Rafool tells TMZ … they’ve been getting tips Cena had been messing around during the marriage … which, if true, could be grounds for Liz toRead More
- WWE ring announcer Tony Chimel will be taking some time off for vacation beginning this coming weekend. – Some of the WWE terms trending worldwide on Twitter during RAW last night were Chris Jericho, Heath Slater, Roddy Piper, Cyndi Lauper, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. – As seen on RAW last night, Abraham Washington had his new team Titus O’Neil and Darren Young walk out of a match against Primo and Epico. AW explained their actions on Twitter: “”Knowing when to retreat is just as important as knowing whenRead More

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John Cena, Triple H & John Laurinaitis Advertised For SmackDown

WWE will tape this week’s Smackdown tonight from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Local advertising is promoting John Cena vs. The Big Show and John Laurinaitis in a handicap match, which will most likely be the dark match main event. Triple H is also being advertised for the tapings on the arena’s official website as well as WWE’s live events page. Mick Foley is scheduled to appear as interim GM following John Laurinaitis’ “firing.” Also expect fall-out from the No Way Out PPV featuring Sheamus, Christian retaining theRead More

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WWE RAW Results – June 18, 2012

- Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow opens up with the normal RAW intro video. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, New York. They hype John Laurinaitis’ final statement and Cyndi Lauper’s appearance. – We go to the ring and out comes Long Island’s own Mick Foley. Foley says he got a call from the Board of Directors last night. While they figure out the next permanent General Managers for RAW and SmackDown, they will be reaching out to former General Managers so theyRead More

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John Laurinaitis “Fired” By Vince McMahon At WWE No Way Out

As the storyline goes, by John Cena defeating the Big Show in their steel cage match at Sunday’s WWE No Way Out pay-per-view, John Laurinaitis was “fired” from the company, Mr. McMahon made the “termination” official following Cena’s victory.Read More

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WWE No Way Out PPV Results – June 17, 2012

WWE No Way Out PPV Pre-Show – The 2012 WWE No Way Out pre-show kicks off with Matt Striker and Scott Stanford hyping up tonight’s card. – We go backstage where Primo, Epico and Rosa Mendes are arguing with Abraham Washington. They want to know what’s up with their tag team title shot. AW has put them in a fatal four-way match with the winners being the new #1 contenders. AW promises them a great spotlight by the end of the night. Later on, it’ll be The Usos vs. PrimoRead More

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Adzop: Limiting Lesnar’s Legacy

The three-month build up to WrestleMania is widely regarded as the best time to watch WWE, but as that big show approaches, plans are put in place regarding what happens immediately AFTER it has ended. This also makes for some great TV, from time to time. 2012 was one of those times. The Rock had beaten John Cena at WrestleMania 28. Cena came out on Raw the night after to admit defeat to the better man and to ‘congratulate The Rock on his victory’. However, Cena was disappointed to findRead More

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FATP Special: Quick Raw Thoughts and No Way Out Preview

Tomorrow night, WWE brings us the first No Way Out PPV since 2009. Have I missed it? I’ve not really had the chance to, especially at the rate that WWE has been churning out PPV’s. To say that I’m disillusioned with WWE right now is a massive understatement. The quality of the shows are so poor and the storylines/outcomes are so predictable that it’s boring me now. In Monday’s FATP, I said how pissed off I was with WWE and to prove my point, the ending to Raw was EXACTLYRead More
- Kenn Doane (a/k/a Kenny Dykstra) was asked on Twitter whether John Cena was good or bad to him during his time in WWE (which lasted from 2006 to 2008). Recalling a negative backstage encounter with Cena, he replied, “We were cool until last time I was there he hated me. Didn’t even want to talk or shake hands. Everyone else was cool though.” The encounter would have occurred on November 15, 2011 when he faced Justin Gabriel in a dark match before a SmackDown taping in Bridgeport, Connecticut. DoaneRead More
JBL recently spoke with Busted Open Radio about inducting Ron Simmons into the WWE Hall of Fame, tag team wrestling and more. Check out the highlights: On inducting Ron Simmons into the WWE Hall of Fame: “All of the speech came from the heart. As far as the structure of it, I thought ‘I’m just telling the truth about my best friend.’ I thought this was going to be very easy, but then I started realizing how important the situation was. This was the first black heavyweight champion. This isRead More

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Final Episode Of NXT, WrestleMania 28 DVD Sales, John Cena

- John Cena will be making an appearance at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con on August 9th. – WWE’s WrestleMania 28 DVD sold 53,000 units for $907,000 and was No. 16 in its first week of release. – It is believed that the NXT tapings last night in Manchester, NH will be the final episode before the debut of the all-new NXT, which would start the tapings from Full Sail University. (Source: More