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*Spoiler* Huge Stipulation Added To WWE No Way Out Main Event

It was announced on this week’s WWE Smackdown television taping that if John Cena loses to Big Show at No Way Out on Sunday, he’ll be “fired” from the company. The stipulation announced on Monday’s three-hour Raw Supershow was, if Big Show lost, John Laurinaitis would be “fired.” Therefore, based on the outcome of Big Show vs. Cena at No Way Out on Sunday, either Cena or Laurinaitis will be “fired.”Read More

Posted On June 13, 2012By StaffIn News

What You Won’t See On This Week’s WWE Smackdown

After this week’s Smackdown television taping ended, John Cena defeated Big Show & David Otunga in a dark match main event. Otunga and Show dominated the match. Otunga held Cena and Show went for the WMD, but Cena ducked. Cena sent Show out of the ring and pinned Otunga to win the match.Read More
High-profile lawyer Ray Rafool, who is representing John Cena’s wife Liz Huberdeau in their divorce, recently spoke with about the case. Cena signed a prenuptial agreement 16 days before his wedding and the effectiveness of that agreement will determine how much money his ex-wife will get. Rafool said: “In this case, it appears the preliminary issues will be the interpretation of the prenuptial agreement, the application to the parties’ property, assets and income, whether the agreement itself is enforceable or not, which we always consider, and in the meanRead More

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What Happened After WWE RAW Went Off The Air; Vince McMahon

Thanks to Zim and Zack, Matthew Blimes & After the show went off air, two trainers helped Vince McMahon to the back to sell Big Show’s KO Punch. John Laurinaitis then took the mic and said that what happened was very sad and unfortunate, but in the name of People Power, the show much go on, which led to John Cena in a handicap match against Big Show, Big Johnny, and David Otunga. John Cena beat Big Show & David Otunga & John Laurinaitis in a handicap dark match.Read More

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Stipulation Added To WWE No Way Out Main Event; Updated Card

Vince McMahon announced on this week’s three-hour WWE RAW Supershow that he would be at ringside with John Laurinaitis when Big Show faces John Cena at No Way Out. If Show doesn’t win, he would fire Laurinaitis. Below is the latest card for Sunday’s WWE No Way Out: Steel Cage Match Big Show vs. John Cena Vince McMahon & John Laurinaitis at ringside. If Show doesn’t win, Laurinaitis gets fired. WWE Title Match Daniel Bryan vs. Kane vs. CM Punk(c) World Heavyweight Title Match Sheamus(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler WWE IntercontinentalRead More

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FATP: Who’s to blame for the current problems in WWE?

It’s time for this week’s edition of “From Across the Pond”. I genuinely thought I was going to struggle to find something to write about, but that was before WWE stepped up to the plate and hand-delivered me one of the worst Monday Night Raw main-events in WWE history, so before I get started today, I need to give some people a lot of credit. Thank you Vince McMahon, thank you Brian Gerwitz, thank you to every single member of the WWE creative team and most of all, the “starRead More

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Match Listings For Ryder & Cena WWE Superstar Collection DVD’s

- WWE will be releasing new single disc DVD’s for John Cena and Zack Ryder on July 10th for just $10.99 as part of their new “Superstar Collection” series. Below are the match listings: John Cena: World Heavyweight Championship John Cena vs. Chris Jericho Armageddon – December 14, 2008 Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels Survivor Series – November 22, 2009 Superstar of the Year Match John Cena vs. Randy Orton Raw – December 14, 2009 Triple Threat Steel Cage MatchRead More
WWE announcer Justin Roberts posted the following photo of John Cena working out before WWE’s RAW live event in Valencia, Spain. He wrote on Twitter, “Backstage in Valencia, Spain. @WWE #RAW begins in 45 minutes and @JohnCena is getting pumped up!!”Read More

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Two Matches Advertised For Monday’s Three-Hour RAW & McMahon

Local advertising for Monday’s three hour Raw this Monday in Hartford, CT are promoting: – Vince McMahon returning to evaluate John Laurinaitis’ job. – WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan. – John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis & Big Show in a handicap match.Read More
The June 4th WWE RAW Supershow scored a 2.92 cable rating with 4.28 million viewers. The show did a 2.5 rating in Male Teens (up 14%), a 2.4 in Males 18-49 (same as previous week), a 0.9 in Female Teens (up 50%) and a 1.2 rating in Females 18-49 (up 20%). This was the week that WWE brought John Cena back and Cena draws females at a level nobody else does on RAW. The show started out strong with Cena’s promo doing a 3.27 quarter rating. Things went down fromRead More

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Former WWE Star Talks About Drunken Fight With John Cena

Former WWE Star Carlito appeared this week on MLW’s Konnan Show. Carlito talked for the first time about an after hours fight that took place with John Cena. “I actually had a fight with [John] Cena. I forget where it was, but we got into a fight. A drunken fist fight. He told me I wasn’t applying myself. He said I should be at a higher level. I didn’t punch him because I’m not going to punch the face of the company. It was more like a drunken fight. IRead More

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Backstage WWE Wellness Policy News, JR Comments On RAW

- WWE officials have been discussing a major change that may be implemented soon for talents who fail Wellness Tests. In the future, the company may start announcing what caused the talents to test positive. The hope is that if they start to announce what substances the wrestlers tests positive for, it may discourage other talents from taking banned substances. – Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter about last night’s segment on RAW with John Cena, Michael Cole and a lot of JR’s BBQ sauce: “@michaelcole was a trooperRead More

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WWE RAW Results – June 4, 2012

- Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow opens with a look back at Big Show explaining his heel turn from last week. – We’re live from the Bi Lo Center in Greenville, South Carolina. Justin Roberts introduces Michael Cole and here he comes to the ring. Cole brings out John Cena and says he has a lot of explaining to do. Cena’s music hits and out he comes. Cole reminds Cena about the two knockout punches from Big Show in a 24 hour period. Cole talks about Show taking out Brodus Clay,Read More
Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow will take place from the Bi Lo Center in Greenville, South Carolina. Confirmed for tonight’s show is the return of John Cena. WWE is not advertising Brock Lesnar or Triple H for tonight’s show. Matches advertised locally include CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan and Cena vs. Big Show and John Laurinaitis in a Handicap match. WWE is teasing the following for tonight’s show: * John Cena’s response to Big Show’s previous comments and the Cage Match stipulation for No Way Out * Dolph Ziggler’s “iffy” statusRead More
- WWE is now advertising another DX reunion with Shawn Michaels and Triple H for the 1,000th RAW episode on July 22nd from St. Louis, Missouri. Big Show and John Laurinaitis vs. John Cena is being advertised also. – Big Show teamed with Tensai to lose to John Cena in a handicap match at last night’s RAW live event in Alexandria, Louisiana. The matches were previously advertised as John Laurinaitis and Tensai vs. Cena. All upcoming live events are now booked with Show and Tensai vs. Cena. – WWE ChampionRead More
TMZ is reporting that the house that John Cena was living in with his wife Liz Huberdeau is the main reason for their divorce. TMZ says the house, which the couple was remodeling, was sending them to the poor house and the courthouse. It was noted before that Cena blamed the divorce on the remodel, claiming it caused an unbearable strife between them. TMZ now has documents that show one of the contractors filed a lien on the house for $110,000, claiming the Cena’s didn’t pay him for his work.Read More
Tensai failed to impress WWE officials in his pinfall victory over John Cena on the April 16 Raw SuperShow and was deemed “a flop” as a result. He was initially pegged to face Cena at both Over the Limit and No Way Out but his poor showing in the main event match led to his push being curtailed and Big Show taking his place. WWE also canceled plans for summer live events to be headlined by Tensai and Laurinaitis vs. Cena, instead the former Prince Albert with Big Show. TensaiRead More

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WWE No Way Out *Spoiler*, Backstage News On Tensai & Big Show

- Plans that WWE originally had for Lord Tensai has been changed for The Big Show. Tensai will be undergoing a makeover, according to the Wrestling Observer. WWE has already started with the makeover by dropping the robe and the “Lord” part from his name a few weeks back. Tensai worked two matches at last night’s WWE RAW, one prior to the live taping squashing Alex Riley, and again in the dark match main event where he teamed with Big Show and John Lauranitis to face John Cena in aRead More

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Jericho’s Suspension Countdown, 1000th RAW Match, Punk-Bryan

- As you may be aware, Chris Jericho has been doing a countdown via Twitter since he is on a 30-day suspension. Here is what he posted today, “25 or 6 to 4 is my favorite Chicago song. Loudness has a song called 25 Days From Home. 25 was also the number of Winnipeg Jet Thomas Steen.” – has released new Sheamus Brogue Kick Hooligans t-shirts and new merchandise from the former WWE Champion, which you can view and order at this link. You can also save $10 offRead More