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JTG Debuts New Look, Reks & Hawkins Get A New Role On NXT

- JTG debuted his new look on last night’s NXT, thanks to Alicia Fox, who accompanied him to the ring for his win over Yoshi Tatsu. JTG has also improved his in-ring style. – Matches for today’s WWE Superstars include Drew McIntyre vs. Ezekiel Jackson, Natalya vs. Alicia Fox, Tyson Kidd vs. Hunico plus tag team action with Santino Marella and Zack Ryder vs. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. – Speaking of Reks and Hawkins, they returned to NXT as the official NXT security in the storylines last night, appointedRead More

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JTG’s New Look, Washington Teases Mason Ryan, Primo & Epico

- We noted this morning that plans were for Mason Ryan to be managed by Abraham Washington instead of becoming Dolph Ziggler’s new bodyguard. Washington wrote the following on Twitter yesterday, “I just got a message from my secretary saying that Mason Ryan called the office this morning. I wonder what for? #WinkWink” Washington also defended his decision to hold off on Primo and Epico’s WWE Tag Team Title shot, “Many people have questioned my tactics of patient observation. To them I say a wise man once said only foolsRead More

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Bo Rotunda Works Dark Match, Confirmed For NXT & Superstars

- The following matches were taped for this week’s episode of WWE Superstars: * Santino Marella and Zack Ryder vs. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks * Tyson Kidd vs. Hunico * Drew McIntyre vs. Ezekiel Jackson * Natalya vs. Alicia Fox – The following matches were taped for this week’s episode of WWE NXT: * Maxine vs. Tamina * JTG (w/Alicia Fox) vs. Yoshi Tats * Percy Watson and Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis – Bo Rotunda worked a WWE Dark Match at this week’s WWE SmackdownRead More

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*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results For 5/9

Thanks to ProWrestling.net for the following WWE NXT spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Roanoke, Virginia: Dark Match: * Bo Rotunda defeated Derrick Bateman. NXT, Airing Wednesday: * William Regal and Matt Striker started off the show by talking about Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins being fired. They said something about them being here tonight, and wanting to talk to security. Reks and Hawkins came out and said that they have been hired as security for NXT. Regal said something about how they should be worried about being fired. * MaxineRead More
- WWE’s website spoke with MMA expert Rener Gracie about how Brock Lesnar’s Kimura Lock works. Gracie cited a Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira fight where Mir broke Nog’s arm with the hold. Gracie said: “It goes to show how serious the move is. Even though you might feel the pain and you might not want to tap, you have to. Because if you don’t, you’re going to pay for it. We always say at the Gracie Academy, recovery time from that lock is six days if you tap,Read More

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ThunderStruck: NXT Redemption Analysis 05/02/12

Striker and Regal open the show. Regal is back from scouting talent that he says will debut over the next few weeks. Josh Mathews is also back from “injury” courtesy of Brock Lesnar. Johnny Curtis and Maxine interrupt them. JTG interrupts as soon as they get into the ring. Regal tells Curtis and JTG that they were thorn’s in Hornswoggle’s side last week and that they will team together right now against whoever wants to face them. Tyson Kidd and Alex Riley come to the ring. Tyson Kidd and AlexRead More

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*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results For 5/2

WWE taped this week’s edition of WWE NXT tonight from the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio. Thanks to reader D.J. and ProWrestling.net for results. Below are full taping results: Dark Match * Dean Ambrose defeated Ezekiel Jackson WWE NXT Taping * The show started with Matt Striker and William Regal in the ring. Striker welcomed back Josh Matthews to the announce desk and welcomed Regal back from “talent scouting.” Regal promised new debuting talent in ensuing weeks. * Johnny Curtis and Maxine interrupted, which later brought out JTG. Regal saidRead More

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Ted DiBiase Update, Cena’s Dream Machines, Phoenix, Raw

- Beth Phoenix is already planning her return to action. She wrote: “Spending some time thinking this week. There are plans to be laid.” – Some of the terms trending worldwide on Twitter during last night’s RAW Supershow were Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, Abraham Washington, Little Jimmy, Jerry Lawler, JTG, Triple H and others. – The episode of SyFy’s Dream Machines with John Cena will air next Tuesday, May 8th at 10pm. A replay will be shown next Friday, May 11th at 10pm following SmackDown. – Ted DiBiase wrote onRead More

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The Miz To Star In WWE Studios “The Marine 3: Homefront”

After a great deal of speculation as to who will star in the upcoming WWE Studios movie, The Marine: Homefront, pwinsider.com is now reporting that the lead role will be played by The Miz. At one point, Cena was considered for the movie with the idea that he would pick back up where the first Marine movie left off. Randy Orton was then attached to the movie, but WWE pulled Orton from the movie due to Orton being kicked out of the Marines when he was younger and the MarinesRead More

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*Spoilers* WWE Superstars Taping Results For 4/26

WWE taped the Raw portion of this week’s WWE Superstars from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Below are full results: Dark Match * Antonio Cesaro defeated JTG. Cesaro won with his reverse piledriver. WWE Superstars Taping * Kelly Kelly defeated Maxine. Kelly used her leg drop finisher. * The Miz defeated Alex Riley. The Miz won with a Skull Crushing Finale.Read More

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Debut PWMania.com Column – Cut From The Team

We are now a week past Wrestlemania, the dust is beginning to settle and even though we don’t know exactly where everything is going, its getting clearer and clearer. We have the returns of Brock Lesnar, Lord Tensai, Ryback and with the rumours of more talent making the jump from FCW to the main shows it is inevitable that we are going to go through with the yearly future endeavours. As unfortunate as it is people will lose their jobs and a lot of the time its not due toRead More

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JTG Debuts New Look (Photo Included), Finlay’s Future, AJ Lee

- Finlay spoke with Wrestling101.com recently and said he will be working with Tajiri’s new company in Japan. They are looking to launch in May. No official word yet on Finlay’s WWE status but talk over WrestleMania 28 weekend was that he’s back as an agent. – WWE Diva AJ Lee is still recovering from Daniel Bryan breaking up with her on SmackDown but is getting ready for tonight’s live show. She wrote on Twitter last night: “Smackdown tomorrow. Perhaps I will put down this tub of mint chocolate chipRead More

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SmackDown Rating, WWE Event Added In Maryland, Raw Notes

- Friday’s Smackdown garnered a 1.93 rating with 2.72 million viewers. The number was up from last week’s WrestleMania 28 Axxess edition of the show, which scored a 1.76 cable rating and 2.48 million viewers. – Tickets will go on sale April 13th for the WWE Smackdown House show on June 9th, 2012 which will be held at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center in Salisbury Maryland. – Earlier we noted that the WWE Smackdown taping on Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 will be held at the Verizon Wireless Arena inRead More

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*Spoilers* WWE Superstars Taping Results For 4/12

WWE taped the Raw portion of this week’s WWE tonight from the Verizon Center in Washington, DC. Thanks to readers Syed Ali, Jose Carrillo, and Eric V for providing us with text-message updates. Below are full results: Dark Match * Damien Sandow defeated JTG. WWE Superstars Taping * Kofi Kingston defeated Curt Hawkins (w/Tyler Rex). * Kelly Kelly beat Brie Bella.Read More

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The Rock Grants Wish, WWE Wants Top Star In The Marine

- The Rock met a boy named Thomas and his family from Make-A-Wish in Miami on Monday night before the RAW Supershow. WWE.com has photos of The Rock granting Thomas’s wish.   – WWE Champion CM Punk, John Cena, Cody Rhodes, JTG and Kofi Kingston have all been rumored to replace Randy Orton in WWE’s The Marine 3. Because the movie is co-promoted with 20th Century Fox, WWE wants a big named star in the movie and the number of guys at or near Orton’s level are limited. The movieRead More

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Kofi & JTG To Replace Randy Orton?, The Rock-CM Punk Backstage

- “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero revealed on his Twitter that JTG and Kofi Kingston are in the running to replace Randy Orton in The Marine 3. “Just found out that @TrueKofi and @Jtg1284 are being considered for the lead role in The Marine 3,” he wrote. “Congrats! Groundbreaking this can be.~PHS”   – The Rock posted a photo on his Twitter of himself backstage with CM Punk at WrestleMania as Punk was heading to the back after his match with Chris Jericho. The Rock wrote, “‘The People’s Champ’ & ‘TheRead More

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Theme For Upcoming Three-Hour Raw, FCW Star Ready For WWE

- The April 23rd WWE RAW Supershow from Detroit, Michigan will be a three-hour show with an “extreme” theme to it. This is the final RAW before WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view on April 29th. Advertised locally is Chris Jericho and Kane vs. CM Punk and John Cena.   The Joe Louis Arena website confirms the three-hour show and is also advertising several SmackDown stars.   - As noted before, FCW star Dean Ambrose (the former Jon Moxley) defeated JTG in the dark match before last night’s RAW in Miami.  Read More

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*Spoilers* WWE Superstars Taping Results For 4/5

Dark Match:   *WWE developmental talent Dean Ambrose defeated JTG.     WWE Superstars:   *The Usos defeated Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks.   *R Truth defeated Heath Slater.Read More

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Mark Henry Heading To Raw?, Gunn Celebrates Sobriety, JTG

– Could Mark Henry be heading to Raw? The official website of the Thompson-Boling Arena is advertising the SmackDown star vs. John Cena in a Special Challenge Match for a Raw live event taking place at the venue on May 5. All other talent advertised for the show are members of the Raw roster. A Triple Threat Match featuring Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk and Chris Jericho is also scheduled. — Seldom seen Raw Superstar JTG is on the road this week with WWE. He did job duty to RybackRead More