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*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 5/25

WWE taped this week’s Smackdown from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Below are full results: * Eve Torres comes out and brags how John Laurinaitis is still in charge. She said that Laurinaitis won’t be there tonight, and she’s in charge. She said that Sheamus will apologize and she will name his opponent for WWE No Way Out. Alberto Del Rio comes out and says that he wants to be Sheamus’ opponent and complains about his other title matches. Randy Orton comes out and says he wants theRead More

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ThunderStruck: Raw Analysis 05/21/12

Cena opens Raw and rants on losing to John Laurinaitis at Over the Limit. He goes on to rant about Big Show selling out to get his job back. Eve comes out and introduces an injured JL. He comes out on a scooter with crutches in hand. JL lists off his “potential” injuries. He brings out Big Show. Show offers no real explanation for selling out and says he will face Cena at No Way Out. Otunga comes out to face John Cena right now. John Cena defeats Otunga inRead More

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WWE Over The Limit PPV Results – May 20, 2012

Welcome to our live, match-by-match coverage of WWE Over the Limit. We have detailed match-by-match results here. You can also enter your comments during our coverage below. – The 2012 WWE Over the Limit pre-show opens up with Matt Striker and Josh Mathews as fans are still filing into the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina. Striker and Mathews hype tonight’s matches. Zack Ryder vs. Kane We go to the ring and out first comes Zack Ryder. Kane is out next and here we go. They lock up and KaneRead More

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Video: WWE Over The Limit 2012 PPV Pre-Show & Results

– The 2012 WWE Over the Limit pre-show opens up with Matt Striker and Josh Mathews as fans are still filing into the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina. Striker and Mathews hype tonight’s matches. Zack Ryder vs. Kane We go to the ring and out first comes Zack Ryder. Kane is out next and here we go. They lock up and Kane takes it to the corner. WWE’s feed cuts out and goes back to the “Up Next” graphic. It comes back and Ryder is trying to make aRead More
Former WWE creative team writer Dan Madigan appeared on the Review-a-Wai podcast with John Pollock and Wai Ting to commemorate the anniversary of MAY 19TH when WWE released See No Evil. The full review of the film and interview with Madigan is up on The LAW website and here is an excerpt from the chat regarding an idea Vince McMahon had for Kane’s character, Jacob Goodnight: “I get a call from Gregory Dark, the director. He says, “We’ve got a little problem here.” This call is from Australia. I said,Read More

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FATP Special: WWE Over the Limit 2012 Predictions

What’s up guys? WWE brings us it’s third PPV in 7 weeks tomorrow with their Over the Limit 2012 presentation. If you’re not ordering/watching the event, stay tuned to PWMania.com for live coverage of Over the Limit.(P.S. for our UK/Ireland readers, www.paddypower.com is accepting bets for WWE PPV events now, so you can go online and see how much money your picks can get you!) Now that the plugging’s out of the way, I’ll run down the card with my thoughts on the matches and my picks for who’ll win.Read More

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ThunderStruck: Smackdown! Analysis 05/18/12

John Laurinaitis opens Smackdown with a promo. He asks for a prayer from everyone when they go to bed tonight. CM Punk interrupts. Punk says everyone has been praying and their prayers have been answered. He says JL gets terminated on Sunday when he loses to John Cena. JL books Punk in a match with Kane tonight. JL rants on the crowd after Punk leaves and the audience is fired up by it. ^This is WWE’s way of making the fans get very excited for something that is not goingRead More

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*Spoilers* WWE Smackdown Taping Results For 5/18

WWE taped WWE Smackdown from Hershey, Pennsylvania at The Giant Center. Here are full results. Dark Match: * Dean Ambrose defeated a local jobber. * WWE has a little less than a quarter of the arena on the camera side tarped off. There were plenty of “Yes!” chants and “Woooooo’s” before the dark match earlier. * Booker T came out to a big pop. Michael Cole was out next to insane heat. Lilian Garcia came out to a respectable reaction. WWE Smackdown: * John Laurinaitis came out to pretty massiveRead More

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WWE Over The Limit Pre-Show Match Announced; Updated Card

WWE announced on this week’s edition of RAW that Zack Ryder will face Kane on the WWE Over the Limit pre-show. The pre-show will be streamed on YouTube.com, Facebook and WWE.com at 7:30pm ET, a half-hour before the pay-per-view starts. PWMania.com will also be streaming the pre-show live from YouTube.com. Here is the updated card for Sunday’s WWE Over the Limit Pay-Per-View event. WWE Championship Match * CM Punk(c) vs. Daniel Bryan World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Match * Sheamus(c) vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Chris Jericho vs. Randy OrtonRead More

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WWE Raw Results – May 14, 2012

- Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow opens up with Triple H walking backstage. His arm is in a brace and he’s stopped by John Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis say she didn’t know Brock Lesnar was going to attack him two weeks ago. Laurinaitis cops pleas and says it was painful to watch Lesnar beat Triple H up, humiliate him and break his arm. Laurinaitis says Triple H has his support and his sympathy. Triple H just stares at him and says what he has to say, he will say it in a secondRead More

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Confirmed For Tonight’s WWE Raw Supershow; HHH, Cena & More

Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow will take place from the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Confirmed for tonight’s show is an appearance by John Cena plus an angle between Big Show as John Laurinaitis has demanded he apologize for last week. Laurinaitis will also be featured with his John Cena feud as they prepare for their Over the Limit match. Triple H will also be appearing live tonight to address the Brock Lesnar attack. WWE is teasing an altercation between Triple H and Paul Heyman. WWE is not advertising LesnarRead More

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What Happened After WWE Raw Went Off The Air; Cena Appears

Thanks to Pastor J. for the following: After this week’s edition of WWE Raw, John Cena magically made it all the way to Raw in Greensboro from Tampa after his “interview” in order to work the dark match. He defeated Kane with the Attitude Adjustment to close out the taping. Big pop for Cena.Read More
– For the first-time ever, WWE.com has added a wrestler who never competed for WWE to their Alumni Section—Sting: “Sting’s charismatic personality and colorful face pant made him one of the WCW’s most popular wrestlers and the most recognizable face of the organization. For the first-time ever on WWE.com, check out Sting’s profile, photos and videos, the latest addition to the Alumni section!” The website adds: “Remembered for his colorful charisma and struggle with The nWo, Sting has become synonymous with the Atlanta-based organization. Although he has never competed inRead More

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ThunderStruck: Raw Analysis 04/30/12

The show opens with John Laurinaitis calling out Brock Lesnar after putting him over as the new face of WWE. Triple H interrupts before they can say anything. He tells Brock he will only stay in WWE under his original contract terms and not the non-approved terms that JL agreed to last week. Brock gets pissed and attacks Triple H. He locks on a submission and holds it until some of the locker room comes to the ring for the save. Brock is escorted out by security. ^I’m surprised LesnarRead More

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Jim Ross Gives His Predictions For WWE Extreme Rules

Jim Ross has posted a blog giving his WWE Extreme Rules predictions on his official website, JRsBarBQ.com. Below is the complete prediction blog in its entirety: Happy Extreme Rules Sunday! Here’s my predictions for tonight’s PPV… Cena vs Lesnar- Will Lesnar’s ring rust be a factor? It’s been approximately 8 years since Brock has had a bout in a WWE ring. That could be an issue. Cena seems to feel cornered. Competitive people in this situation are dangerous. Is Cena intimidated by the legend and sheer physical skills of theRead More

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ThunderStruck: Raw Analysis 04/23/12

I’m going to start out by saying that I don’t have high expectations for these three hour shows. Things are usually dragged out much more with frequent commercial breaks and very little is ever accomplished. This Raw was no exception, and this column reflects on my frustration with that. Raw opens with Teddy Long standing in the ring with everything set up for the contract signing between Brock Lesnar and John Cena. He brings out Cena. He calls for Lesnar, but John Laurinaitis comes out instead. JL says Lesnar isRead More

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Photo: New WWE Extreme Rules Poster Featuring Lesnar & Cena

Below is the new poster for WWE Extreme Rules, which now features Brock Lesnar and John Cena. The old poster, featured Kane.Read More
WWE Smackdown Live Event Experience April 18 2012. Sheffield, England. The first WWE show I ever attended was called ‘Mayhem in Manchester’ in 1998. I was 14 at the time. This was just after WrestleMania 14. I got to see Stone Cold Steve Austin defend the WWE Championship (against Triple H, who had replaced the injured Shawn Michaels). I got to see a WrestleMania rematch between The Undertaker and Kane. This match didn’t last too long. I always wondered why The Undertaker didn’t get a proper entrance – the storyRead More

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Raw Ratings Breakdown: Cena vs. Tensai, Kane vs. Ryder, Lesnar

- As noted before, the April 16th WWE RAW Supershow scored a 3.08 cable rating with 4.39 million viewers. In the segment breakdown, the show began with a low 2.90 quarter-rating for the CM Punk vs. Mark Henry WWE Title match. That match and the Chris Jericho segment gained 308,000 viewers. David Otunga vs. Santino Marella and the Brock Lesnar vignette gained 117,000 viewers. Kane vs. Zack Ryder lost 306,000 viewers. The in-ring segment with John Cena and John Laurinaitis gained 400,000 viewers to a 3.26 quarter rating. The DanielRead More